Epic meltdown or epic comeback?

Ouch that has to hurt the shmos. Going into the 3rd and get another quick td to take a ridiculous lead and then watching it all disappear just as fast. Austin must have made one hell of a half time speech because he lit a fire in that D line that completely changed the momentum. Reilly will be having nightmares of those bad old puddy cats D line. I mean he took a beating back there and they were not love taps. Laurent and that other guy that use to play here really laid some licks on him. Actually after the Laurent one I'm a bit surprised he bounced back up so fast as he was flattened with authority.

Good on Masoli for the record of most consecutive completions and Fantuz looked like he did back in the days with us.

A good game in the end after what look like was going to be a real snoozer. Better because it was the schmos only thing that would have been more fun to watch would if it was the Stamps.

Oh sorry for mentioning other ex riders playing well I know some are a bit sensitive about the subject. My bad.

Good comments. I first went to the 'shmoes' page to see if anyone was writing about the meltdown......didn't see a word.
You'd think there would be some anger??.....and speaking of anger, how about Reilly berating his O line? True colours?
There are games in the season where teams look back and say - "this was our turning point".....this could be the case for the Cats AND the Shmoes.

Yeah he was more then a tad bit hot but to be fair he was taking some real nasty hits. Not dirty mind you just clean and very hard shots. No doubt he was getting a little frustrated picking himself off the ground and shaking his marbles back in place.

Give Hamilton full credit for the comeback and making major half time adjustments that worked. Edmonton though just fell asleep on both sides of the ball and when they tried to wake up it was too late. I would hate to have been in that locker room after the game. Maas must have just been livid and rightfully so.

Your right though Pat this could be a big momentum changer for both teams. Edmonton could wilt lacking the confidence they once had and Hamilton could really use this as a launch point for the rest of the season. That though remains to be seen. Honestly I think it will help the TiCats but I don't see it crippling the Eskimos either. Yes they will sting from this loss but it may just be a wake up call for them also.