Epic CFL endings!

September 16,2023
RedBlacks vs Lions
BC Place Vancouver

Lions were down by 3. They had only 39 seconds to tie the game. But alas they were hungry for the win. From the Ottawa 16 yard line BC’s Vernon Adams throws a perfect pass to Lucky Whitehead deep in the corner of the end zone. What made this game winning reception phenomenal is that Whitehead was not on his feet when he caught the ball. He was literally stretched out prostrate. What concentration! What composure! What athleticism! What a finish!

My second pick would be the 1994 Western Final between the Lions and Stampeders in Calgary. The game was Calgary’s to win but for a blocked FG attempt in the last few minutes.
After the blocked FG attempt, The Lions QB Danny McManus engineered a brilliant series of plays under the worst snow weather conditions imaginable. Check out the last 5 minutes on YouTube.

My final pick would have to be the 13th Man Grey Cup

2009 Grey Cup between Montreal and Saskatchewan.
Montreal was on the brink of winning the Grey Cup with a game winning final play FG. The Montreal fans were jubilant about what was on the verge of happening. Their premier kicker rarely missed and from this distance the win was in the bag.
Oh, oh, the kicker misses. SSK players on the sideline were going nuts with excitement. They had just won the Grey Cup.

But wait…oh no. The Roughriders had 13 players on the field. They were penalized. Montreal replayed the FG attempt and would not miss a second time!

Please share some games you enjoyed with epic endings.

Vernon just got Lucky :thinking::joy::+1:


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That is the beauty of the CFL timing rules,
With 2 minutes remaining in the NFL
The players are shaking hands and walking off the field! :roll_eyes:
In the CFL, so many “Epic CFL endings”


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Just one of the many reasons the CFL is so enjoyable to watch. :+1:


Only this can happen in the CFL

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Excellent Grover. Very nice. :+1: