Entertainment during the Game (besides the actual game)

Just wanted to say I really enjoy the Drumline during the game. Out of the Ticats Band that didn't survive a long time, the Teen Tour Band, and the Drumline, I really enjoy the Drumline the best. The game is the main thing but all the other little things add to the atmosphere.

Was glad to see Mascot Soccer back last Friday as well. Good for a couple laughs.

yeah, love the drumline and their move to the endzone makes them sound even better from where I sit. :thup:

Do you think the move to end zone is permanent? This came up in conversation at the game and someone wondered whether the move was only for this game because of the tickets Avon Cobourne purchased. I guess we'll find out on August 13th.

The game against Saskatchewan they were in the opposite endzone where the tents are.

I hope they get moved back into box-h.

I hope so!

Not sure if many of you know that your drumline has appeared on television and in videos. They were the opening act in this year's Gemini awards show with the host from the TV show Glee, they performed on the Much Music Video Awards with Down with Webster and have done an award winning video with @ classified. Check out this video. :rockin: :rockin:


Wow man. Was that ever cool. Thanks TeddyFay.

Down With Webster is an awesome band, the songs they played at last years Grey Cup (Whoa Is Me and Time To Win) are awesome tunes with great videos.