I'm so sick of this NFL in Toronto B.S.!!

Damn Toronto and their American-Wanna be Attitudes!!

Give them an inch and they'll give you a yard!

It pisses me off when all these writers and fans start talking hype about the NFL coming to Canada!

FORGET IT! sure, the Bills may get a game once a year in Toronto...


you've been trying for 40 some years and you still don't have one! You WON'T GET ONE TODAY OR TOMORROW!

We all know LA, CA. is first in line for a franchise. While Tranna may claim to be the center of the earth, L.A. is the be-all and end-all.


YOu know. I don't give a rats ass if Hogtown gets their NFL team.

I just don't like the hysterical media coverage about this story. And everything you read alwasy includes the words "CFL" and "dead". Like idiot Stephen Brunt writes today for what, the 9,999th time?

ITs obvious now the Hogtown media will do all it can to belittle and ignore the ARgos, as well as to trivialize and demean the upcoming Grey Cup in that city.

So if you think the cFL is ignored and ridiculed in Hogtown right now, you ain't seen nuthin' yet.


berezin99, I find it funny how you claim to be frustrated with all the media coverage the NFL gets, yet you just continue it when you come on here and start 101 different topics about it.

I can agree with the original poster, to a point. I'm also sick of hearing about the NFL on this board. I watch the league and follow the Colts, but when I come on here, I'd like to read topics about the CFL, not the NFL. They have their own board. If I wanna discuss topics about their league I'll go to their board.

We're two weeks away from the Playoffs, and about a month away from the Grey Cup, yet all I see right now is a bunch of crap about how the Bills MIGHT play a game in Toronto. Who cares? The Argos play 9 games in Toronto every year!

You're in Edmonton. You don't know how it is here.
And it all comes down to ticket sales. Another sports team is competition. And when the cFL has faced any kind of competition, its kicked its butt.

Thats what I think. What I comment on is what these morons are writing everyday in the newspaper. Maybe not in your area, but the are here.

so much spare time berezin...

hey, can anyone tell me if there is there an ignore user function on this forum?

I forgot our avatar's also represented where we live... :expressionless: I live in London, Ontario, bud. :wink:

Go Pikemen! :wink: