mine was 1992 east semi final against ottawa cats down huge 6 mins left in game and come back of course with a game winning feild goal by ozzy!!!!

!961 Second game Eastern 2 game total point final, Hamilton down by 18 points. Hamilton and Toronto tied ( 20-2) in last minute. Argos deep in Ticat territory, but instead of kicking the winning field goal or single, Toronto tries to run two plays and loses yards out of field goal range. Last play of regulation time--Dave Mann tries to punt through end-zone , Sudsy catches and punts back to Mann. Mann tries again, shanks it and Faloney grabs it about 5-10 yards deep and runs the length of the filed behind great (but illegal) blocking. Of course Faloney's TD is negated.

We got to OT-- 2 X 10 minute halves. Hamilton scores 4 TDs in OT (Henley had 1, McDougall had the first) to win game 48-2.

I am desperately trying to hunt down tape, etc. of this play; so far no luck. It has to be seen to be believed.

The second game of the 1986 Eastern Final against the Argos.

The 1998 Eastern final.

The 1999 Grey Cup.

The 2014 Grey Cup where the TiCats win on the last play of the game at the new Sam Merulla Stadium on the mountain (or the waterfront) where a pass is intercepted by a wind off of the mountain (or the bay). :wink:

98 Eastern Final at home vs. the Als, Ozzy with the monster boot to win the game into the East Endzone.

1981: 34-34 tie against the Eskimos at Ivor Wynne.

1972 13-10 'nuff said.

Hey Merlin.

Not exactly tape, but here you go:


Game One was played on a crisp sunny day in CNE Stadium, and the Argos were "flawless", according to Ti-Cat coach Jim Trimble. They held the Tabbies to a single and an unconverted touchdown, while scoring three majors themselves, and adding a field goal and a single for good measure, to take the first game 25-7. They didn't even need to win Game Two - just not lose by more than 18 points.

But the much-vaunted shotgun formation which had gotten them this far would prove to be their undoing. Rather than utilise a solid running game, which would ultimately provide better ball control, they came out of the gate passing. From the opening kickoff, there was no one in the backfield to run the ball. The Ti-Cats didn't take long to figure out that the Argos were a one-trick pony, and easily broke down the Argo backfield. Amazingly, they were only ahead 3-0 at halftime; the Argos still led by 15 points with 30 minutes to go. By the end of the third quarter, however, that lead had evaporated to one point, as the Tabbies scored two touchdowns to lead 17-0.

Early in the fourth quarter, Don Sutherin kicked a field goal, and the collapse was complete; Hamilton 27, Toronto 25, with the Argos having been outscored 20-0 on the day. But they would collect themselves long enough to kick a 47-yard single with 7_ minutes to play, and another to tie the aggregate score at 27-27.

With just under two minutes remaining, and the Tiger-Cats scrimmaging on their own 25, Ti-Cat QB Bernie Faloney inexplicably decided to throw, rather than run the ball. It was intercepted by Argo DB Stan Wallace. The Argos had the ballon the Hamilton 27-yard line with 91 seconds on the clock. Despite being outscored 20-2, they merely had to kick the ball through the end zone to win the Eastern title.

However, they decided to run the clock down first. Rote ran a quarterback sneak on first down, but it was called back on an offside penalty. On first and fifteen from the 32, Rote called his own number again, gaining three yards. On second and seven, they tried a draw play, losing two yards. Annis Stukus would later write, "The only way a draw could possibly work is if the opposition suspected a pass, and not even Tobin Rote could take a chance on a pass then." With twenty-eight seconds on the clock, they were third and fourteen on the Hamilton 31-yard line. Dave Mann came into the game to kick the winning point. What happened next would forever change the Canadian game.

Normally that would be well within Mann's range - he had almost kicked the ball to the dead-ball line from the 35 earlier. Back then, CFL end zones were 25 yards, and there was no blocking allowed on punt returns. This meant the Tiger-Cats had virtually no chance of running it out of the end zone if the punt fell short, so Trimble sent Sutherin and Faloney - both kickers - deep into the end zone to try to punt the ball back out, given the chance. No one had punted a ball out of an end zone in fifty years!

The snap came back to Mann, and he promptly booted his worst punt of the day, shanking a wobbly 40-yarder. It still came down eight yards inside the end zone, where Sutherin, gathering it up, kicked it back out. It came down just past the 30-yard line, where - incredibly - Mann caught it again, hesitated, then stepped forward and punted it back toward the end zone. This time it landed on the goal line and bounced into the hands of Faloney, who immediately took off with it.

Weaving in and out of would-be Argo tacklers, he gained the first thirty yards, according to Jay Teitel, "...at a leisurely, hypnotic speed, so that as he moved up the field he seemed to be passing the same players twice and even three times. Even when he passed mid-field and there were no Argos left to weave around, he wove. It was one of the strangest runs ever made on a football field."

Faloney ran it back 111 yards to score the winning TD. Or so it seemed. It was called back as the Ti-Cats were flagged for illegal blocking on the return.

But the damage was done. The Argos lost whatever momentum they'd managed to build up, and in the ensuing 30-minute overtime, Hamilton scored four unanswered touchdowns, winning the game 48-2, and the series 55-27.

Thanks very much Mikefth.
A lot there I had forgotten, mainly because being a Ticat fan first, I hadn't paid as much attention to how good the Argos, especially Rote, were then.
Talk about losing Canadian RB Lumsden, before '62 season Ticats traded then Hamilton's top Canadian RB Gerry McDougall to the Argos for Bobby Kuntz. The Argos were able to start the season with this backfield: Rote at QB, RBs Dick Shatto, Cookie Gilchrist, and McDougall, with flanker Dave Mann.
McDougall came back to Ticats for 2 years after 2 -3 years with San Diego Chargers, then we shipped him off to Edmonton along with Sudsy and ?Ed Turek. We got back TJ Coffey and a few others whom I have forgotten but kept us going during the Restic years. McDougall didn't do much in Edmonton, Sudsy refused to report (ended up in Ottawa).

       The good old days when Jake Gaudaur regularly ripped off everybody else in trades. Maybe that's why we are now cursed, especially in trades?

Same game as Merlin accurately recalls above ,I was way younger and don't recall the end details and lots more ,....shame all my favorite memories are from the last century.....;0)

The Conference finals used to be decided by a two game total point series with the first place team getting the home field advantage and the last game played in their park.
This type of final got fans more involved,especially between games,you were anxious and pumped about the outcome of the series as the pressure built up near the next game day.
This presented the scene of one my favorite Ti-Cat memories.....
The Cats had finished in first place in the east giving them home field advantage for the second game of the two game series.
The problem was the Argos were up by seventeen points after the first contest at Exhibition Stadium in Toronto!
My Dad and his buddy had a pair of tickets for the next game slated for Civic Stadium Hamilton .
My Fathers friend was sick or maybe discouraged by the outcome of game one ,so his ticket was luckily given away to me.
I remember us driving up to the east Hamilton residence on game day that November afternoon and hearing my dad say "well I hope he gives us the ticket".
My heart jumped,this was news to me, I wasn't aware that there was any doubt here,you mean I might not have a ticket ?
I recall a man answered his door and gave Dad the ticket and said "seventeen points ,that's a lot ,ah go support em". Great,I get to go to the game!
We sat in the North stands near center field.How lucky can you get on your first Ti-Cat game ever?
The atmosphere was electric before the game started ,cigar smoke and whisky scents were in the air.
I remember quite a few ladies in the crowd,everyone buzzing about the seventeen points.
When the Cats were introduced to the cheering crowd my Father pointed out two players to me,,"watch number ten",he said pointing to Bernie Faloney "and number sixty-one John Barrow ",as if that's all I could handle.
I recall watching number ten Bernie Faloney our Quarterback the whole game,number sixty-one John Barrow played on the Defensive line,he was more difficult to watch as he got lost amongst the big linemen .
During the game the conversations in the stands revolved around the fact that we had to stop them from scoring as we would have to make up those points and still score seventeen more to boot,People seemed well informed and everyone was doing the math during the game .There was a lot of chatting back and forth,fans bonding with strangers.All of us united together against the other team from the big city,the hated Argos.
At the end of the fourth quarter ,guess what ?The Cats won the game by seventeen points!
The Eastern Final was headed for overtime.
Can you imagine the atmosphere in Civic Stadium?
Can they do it ?
In over time the Cats did win, they beat the Argos,in one of the most exciting games ever played in Hamilton before a sold out crowd at Civic Stadium.
As the years went by this memory stayed in the back of my head somewhere ,I was a Ti-Cat fan through decades following that game ,but as a young person I never put much thought into that game.
Then after many years I wondered about that famous game and mostly about how old I was when I got to go to that Eastern final.
My Dad couldn't remember the exact year and I could only recall I was around ten to thirteen years old.
It remained a mystery to me until 1996 when I attended a Grey Cup event at Sir John A McDonald school in Hamilton featuring CFL stars from the past like; Sam Etchevary ,Ang Moska ,Harris and the late Bernie Faloney.
Not many people were in line when my son and I got to Bernie Faloneys' table,here was my golden opportunity to find out what year that game was played right from number ten ,the player I was supposed to watch.
I asked "do you recall the Eastern final when we were down by seventeen points and came back and won it, you see I got to go to that game but I don't recall how old I was"?
Bernie put his hand to his chin and thought out loud ."hmmm ,yes that was the Argos,I think 1961"
Oh,I was eleven,the mystery was solved.
Bernie smiled as he talked about that game "we came back and did it,a lot of credit goes to our defence,unfortunately we had nothing left when we played Winnipeg in the Grey Cup game."....
As a young person my fondest memory is the bonding and atmosphere in Civic Stadium that day,but the most important memory is the excitement of beating the Argos in overtime in the 61 Eastern Final!
How could any Ti-Cat fan have left the stadium that afternoon with anything but goosebumps after experiencing that Ti-Cat game?

i may be getting old and my memory is fading...but..i recall a fantastic night as a young boy back in 72 leading up to our Grey Cup win when the city held a rally outside the Royal Connaught Hotel...the city was electric and my heroes Henley / Mosca and Ealey were on the stage...thats when the Cats were king and to be honest...I take my boys to games now and still believe.

Go cats Go

Hamilton traded Don Sutherin, along with QB Frank Cosentino, RB Gerry McDougall and Billy Wayte to Edmonton for Tommy Joe Coffey, Bill Redell, Marshal Starks and Ed Turek.

Sutherin refused to report to Edmonton because he had a business in Hamilton.

Just before the 67 season started, Edmonton traded him to Ottawa for receiver Ian MacDonald

I wish I was in Hamilton in '72, man it sounded great, I do remember watching it on TV. Watching some TiCats history should be made mandatory for every grade school kid learning some local Canadian history at school.

I was at that rally!!!
Great atmosphere ,

 Different times ,that atmosphere won't happen again...

One of my fav memories is the Cats winning the 99 East final in Montreal in the final seconds. My all time fav moment was the 86 Grey Cup and how in the 1st half the Cat D held the Edmonton O to -9 yards of offense.

I was 6 years old.

I had no idea what was going on. I just knew that my Dad was really excited and we sat infront of our TV and watched the Tiger-Cats. Like I said... I was 6. I couldn't have cared less what was going on, I was probably playing with a Transformer or something, but I was happy because my Dad was so into the game.

As the game is coming to an end my Dad goes to the kitchen and brings back two pots and tells me to hold onto them.

As the 'Cats win my Dad takes me onto our balcony and cars start honking their horns like crazy. My Dad tells me to start banging the pots! So bang I did! I was having a blast!

Later I ended up getting a "Cats of Prey" Grey Cup poster signed by the entire team. I had it for YEARS! I wish I knew where it was now.

My Dad took me and my brother to the 72 Grey Cup parade. I was only 8yrs. old but still remember the joy the crowd linning the street's had.My Dad bought me a Grey Cup 72 pin that I still have. Lorne Green was in the parade and being a Bonnanza fan seeing him made that day even more memorable.

On 15 October 1962, when I was all of 9 years old, my dad and grampa took me to my first ever live football game at Civic Stadium. Saskatchewan was in town. Due to injuries to Bernie Faloney and Frank Cosentino, a rookie named Joe Zuger played QB for the Cats.........and went out and racked up 572 passing yards, throwing for 8 TDs in the game, a record that stands today, I do believe. Final score was Hamilton 67, Saskatchewan 21.

And I was there...................

Many great memories, so many great games and players. Getting Garney Henley's autograph (about 1966 I think, I would have been 15) was one. I still have it. Another was watching Joe Zuger glare at Dave Fleming when he dropped an easy pass, then immediately call the same play and drill it so hard he knocked Dave over. The body language from each of them as the play ended and Fleming got up spoke volumes.

Best of all though, was being at the 1972 Grey Cup game. I was with my girlfriend. The game was riveting, and the exhileration and joy coming from the crowd as it spilled out onto the streets at the end was amazing. I don't think my feet touched the ground for three blocks. If she hadn't held on to me, I might have floated away. By the time I got back to Western in London my voice was completely shot and so was the horn on my car. She married me in spite of my excessive display. So the Cats got the win, and I got the girl!

The 1986 Grey Cup win. Watching the Cats dominate the best team in the league that year was something I will never forget. The defence destroyed the Esks offence, led by the three sack performance by the CFL's all-time QB sack leader and defensive MVP of the game, Grover Covington.
What a game!