Enough talking about the BS demographics - the ratings are wrong

Ive said it millions of times all TV ratings are incorrect and there is a b.s narrative of CFL being an old crowd demographic which hurts the CFL in advertising.

1st off - Look at the majority of advertisers. The majority of ppl under age of 30 are not buying expensive cars. Why is it ok for the NHL advertisers or NFL advertisers but not the CFL?

The answer is simple. It is ok. Because the narrative is wrong.

Look at prime example of NFL Monday Night Game. FAN 590 radio had someone I wont even mention his name on and declared the CFL an old person league in contrast to the NFL and used videos of example that he saw from last night. Well this idiot didn't realize that the people in the video were from barstool and majority of them were all over the age of 45 and the others in the video looked like an average adult male.

The same damn crowd goes to NHL games and MLB games in Canada and if you ever been to NFL or NCAA Football games (take away the student section) its the same average age.

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The one thing is drastically different in 2021 from 1991 or even 2001 is that the younger people are in a selfish me-now society which in turn takes them longer to mature.

Every area of the globe ive been in is suffering this. You think majority of under 20 kids in the USA are watching NFL every day. Majority of people dont even know what NBC or FOX tv is and do not even watch sports.

It takes them a lot longer to get involved in sports and this is not a CFL problem, this is a society problem everywhere

You may choose not to believe the ratings, but the corporations that write the checks do. Are there some flaws in the system, of course, nothing is perfect. The same basic ratings system has been in place for 70 years and isn't going to change too drastically anytime soon.