Enough Talk about Ti-Cat Receivers!!

It's getting pretty bad when certain fans complain about our Receiving core and other players on the Tiger-Cats but are so quick to jump on my comments about How Bad the Officiating is in the CFL?

All this talk about Sam Guiguare for one thing is crap, the guy is a good player who is coming into his own with the team he has a TD catch and a nice one at that. You can tell this team is starting to gel together now that we have some starters back and off the injury list and like they say winning becomes contagious and I'm sure it will with Hamilton now we are on a two game win streak, lets keep it going!

The CFL Officiating once again questionable last night, Come on Steve Foxcroft, the Winnipeg defender had a hold of Guiguares
jersey good thing Sam caught the ball and a great catch because there was No call? On the other side they will flag the Hamilton defender for placing his index finger on the right hip of the Winnipeg receiver?? Yah Great call, real interference??

This team is young and improving day by day, Kent Austin ha a good plan in place and I agree with the Caretaker the right chemistry is together now with this team. Yes we need to improve in certain areas and that will happen and Yes we need more sacks on the QB, I think once we get a good solid rush end that will happen as well!!

Good game against Winnipeg Tiger-Cats, keep it going!!


Sorry BIGCAT, "enough about Ti-Cat receivers" is not enough. While Giguere, as discussed in another thread, played maybe his best game, I've got to mention the below norm performance last night by the guy who went into the game as our top receiver this season. Bakari Grant certainly had an off night -- failing to catch, at least three I can recall, good passes right in his hands. Ellingson, with 5 for 76 yds last night is now #1.

I had a problem with Grant last night I thought he looked horrible and then he made that fumble at the end of the game. He has some great talent but he doesn't show up for some games.

Two weeks in a row TSN has shown a pic of Corey Grant as Bakari.

Ya,I've also noticed this as well,maybe they think that Bakari is Corey's kid brother.I mentioned this on the CFL main forum in a thread about TSN and their coverage of games.Pretty slipshod data base,when you still have a graphic of a player who retired some 4 years ago and is now a coach in the league. :roll: :thdn:

The fumble aside, (fumbles and turnovers happen, it's football) I can't agree with the rest of your analysis. This "off game" for Grant was because he wasn't able to make the circus/impossible catches that he usually makes. Most of his drops - incomplete passes were crazy body adjustments plays that most receivers wouldn't even attempt and just let drop. He tried and was very close to some unbelievable catches. The kid is a stud and it wasn't a bad game for him.

I didn't see Grant making a lot of catches, but I didn't see him get a lot of easy catches. The only thing I can say is he must have had an off night.

No idea why there was no flag on that play as it was quite obvious that he was hanging onto him. I'm sure this one will be reviewed in the post-game assessment by the officiating supervisor.

At least the call on Fantuz involved contact, and I can see why an official might call it. Again, it'll probably be reviewed as we've all seen that type of contact (and worse) let go in the past.

Most of the rest of the game, at least what I saw (travelling, staying with relatives, and the only football fan in the house), I thought the officials did a good job. I'll be watching it again off the PVR, so might have a different opinion later.

HORRIBLE refereeing on both sides during this game.

Enough talk about the TiCat receivers... how about that............

SJ GREEN!!!!!!!

Which calls / non-calls do you think were bad? Just so I know which plays to focus on when I'm watching the game again. As I said, I didn't see the whole game, but other than the missed PI on Dunn against Giguere, I didn't see any calls / non-calls that were that bad. Questionable, perhaps, but not blatantly bad.

I'm still confused about the illegal participation call against Winnipeg's Johnson. It must have happened after the punt was received; otherwise, Hamilton would have been given a first down. PVR, here I come. (Tomorrow night.)

I still say dump Fantuz, beg Chris Williams to come back!!

Williams was offered more money than Fantuz makes and still he declined.

How will begging make any difference?

Chris is clearly adamant that the greener pastures of the NFL surely await, and he better be right for his sake.

Yah, what is with TSN showing Corey Grants picture in place of Bakari Grant? Wow TSN is about as Bush League as CFL REFS??

Also TSN, talk about bad reporting, missed calls, in the Al's, Rider Game they said this is closest game of the year, No it wasn't
it's the second closest Hamilton and Edmonton was the first? The amount of time TSN spent on Max Hall getting a start and afterwards in the loss and media scrum in Winnipeg you would think they just won the Grey Cup? Hamilton wins hardly any mention in comparison??

The missed calls were BRUTAL both ways but especially against the Bombers defensive backs, I counted at least four missed calls on Bomber defenders where they had a hold of the Ti-Cat receivers jersey, it's one thing if you are out run by a receiver but don't be so blatant to grab a hold of his Jersey?? Bomber defenders were getting beat all night long!!!

DUMP FANTUZ?????? that would be insanely stupid. He is an outstanding receiver who just had a nagging injury. He was 29 yards short of a 1000 yard season last year. He has a great game waiting to happen. Chris Williams won't return. He is to worried about his precious chance to score big bucks in the NFL to want to play here.

Enough with the Chris Williams BS !!!! He's gone,goodbye,see-ya later,sayonara,arrevedierci......Get over it Already!!!!!!

I don't think you realize that besides Chrissy our receiving core is pretty well intact from last year......exception being one Greg Ellingson being new.......and did you ever think that if SuperStar Chris was still here,there would be a very good chance that #82 might not have even made the team ? I for one say a big thank you SuperStar for not showing up and holding out cause it looks like your replacement is on route to the Rookie of the Year Award.Good luck to old whats his name in his pursuit of his dream in that other league,gone and forgotten here in CAT LAND!!!!!!

:D :x

There's no way you even believe 100% of the stuff that you post on this board.

I think that the Ticats have a GREAT receiving corps! Some are going to have an off-night as Grant did on Friday but others will pick up the slack (see Giguere, Ellingson, Gable) Andy was likely easing himself back into playing and trying to go easy so as not to re-injure the hamstring. He may not have been a big part of the game plan since early in the week it was still not certain that he would play. The fact that so many receivers are making catches in any one game makes them harder to defend. And we still have a few receivers not even in the lineup. Didn't notice if Stala made it into the lineup at all the other night. I was disappointed with Giguere last season but he is really stepping it up this year and has gotten much better as he has become familiar one again with the Canadian game.