Enough T already

Enough T Martin already, if the last 3 games have shown us anything it is the guy can not produce TDs. If we had any TDs in the the Calgary game and tonight against the Esks from our offense we would have won both games. Pleassssssssse no more T, I cant take it anymore.

I could not agree more strongly if I tried…

Time for either Michna or Wyane to step up!

Time to give them a chance at least…

i agree 100% if Jim Daley was a real coach he would have pulled Martin last week and gave Michna or Wynn a chance to prove themselves, Tee Martin is not the QB of the future, he has shown no drive to create anything on offense, but what is more embarressing is 1 TD in 3 games will not win you games. Jim Daley reminds me of Reinbols, enough of this rebuilding Sh*t, we are a strong team with 2 great Qb’s on the bench yet Daley elects to keep TJ RUBLEY (oops sorry TEE MARTIN IN) FIRE DALEY

:mrgreen: at the Rubley shot.

I was listening to the post game show on CJOB and Daley pulled the usual rebuilding schlock. What a schmuck. Bauer should put Taman on a one-way Greyhound ticket to BC to get Ritchie back.

Bob Irving called it - The Bomber offense has KILLED the Bombers in the last 2 games.

Personally, I think that Wynn could be the best QB we have. Can anyone explain why he is the number 4 guy (3rd while Glenn is injured)?

I think that the Bomber brass are concerned that if they pull Tee now, it could damage his confidence, and hurt his career, long-term. I guess their strategy is to lose some games this year, with the hope that Martin becomes a success, and wins us some games in the future.

Daley must have some guarantee from Taman that his job is safe, no matter how many games the Bombers lose - otherwise, I bet that Wynn is the starting QB right now.

I’m now interested to see this Michna…


Consider this as well…

What’s the best DECISION guys? Are you willing to overlook the fact that alternating QB’s, (…the most important position on offense) affects team chemistry/unity! The constant changes, I don’t see necessary with a guy who can grow confident on the field.

I say it’s worth it.

I’d rather see Martin continue to develop and I’m feeling excited about that.

Furthermore, the changes at QB, I’m inclinced wouldn’t contribute to our vision of a marquee QB that Martin could be. We’d have just a good a chance winning with Martin; as we would with losing if we put in somebody else in.

It’s absolutely crucial.

you know what else effects team chemistry/unity ??.. a QB that can NOT get the job done… or even come close to getting it done…

it’s worth it to get laughed at by everyone else in the league ?? is it worth it to throw away the season in week 5 by sticking with a QB that looks like he belongs at the high school level??.. seriously man… i’m not a bombers fan… i could care less if they finish 0 - 18 cuz they refuse to give a QB the hook when he plays like crap… but think of all the Bomber fans… who in their right mind is gonna pay for a ticket to a game that they already know they are going to lose??

FINALLY…someone with common sense…thank you.

I live 2 hours away from Winnipeg. I am a die hard Bomber fan. But, I am finding it harder and harder to find the enthusiasm to drive 2 hours and pay for a ticket to watch a game that I already know the outcome to.

Maybe they are content to just suck this year, save the money, and know that they will sell season tickets next year because of the Grey Cup. I already know that no matter what, even at 0-18, I myself will be buying season tickets. But, I will not let my team go 0-18 without making some noise.

good… you and every other Bomber fan should be screaming loudly to the team about the current going ons… the fans are the people that really matter in sports… because without them there is no team… no game… no nothing… and if a team doesn’t put on a good show… win or lose… the fans won’t show… if i were the Bomber owner i would be really worried about keeping fans in the stands right now… and i would be dictating at this point to the coach that something be done.

we do have consistency with tee. 2 and out every time. each pass five yards from the receiver. 3 losses in a row. personally i wouldn’t mind a break in this consistency.

Like I said on a different post, Daley just confirmed that TEE will start against Montreal…so much for the walk up crowd on Friday night.
I’l be there but then again I was there the whole Renebold era…I do remember the Beer being a little cheaper then…could be an expensive night…LOL…but watching Our defense kick montreal might just make it worth while…