Enough RBs?

The Eskies just signed Josh Ranek!
One of my favorite RBs int he CFL!
He's fast and powerful as hell!
I once heard he could squat 600lbs!

Anyhow, I'm posting here cause it seems the Eskies are already overloaded at RB and they keep adding some.

Right now, you guys have 5RBs! (plus 3 FBs):
WARREN, Antonio
DUBUC, Deitan

You can't keep them all so is Davis going to be gone because of the cap? Who is not coming back then?

Edmonton gets "The Little Ball of Crap" -- another running back -- did you ever thing the real problem with the Esks is that they don't have a Defense capable of making the playoffs -- keep signing players on the wrong side of the ball -- and you be like us -- hitting the golf course early -- Again

Tough call at this point on who stays. Bradley, Bertrand, Maurer and Dubuc are all Canadians who are valuable on special teams. If one of them goes I would say it would probably be Dubuc, but they were all here last year.

As far as RB goes, IMO McClendon is the only lock to be gone at this point. Ranek is younger than Warren or Davis but they all have the credentials and it will probably be determined in camp. Troy Mills proved that age doesn't necessarily mean a lot.

You forgot NI Jared Winkel on the RB list as well!

I see Davis being released, as well as Dubuc, who hasn't seemed to be able to find a prominent role in the Eskie offence.

Winkel, and Bradley kept for special teams.
Warren being used as a kick returner to replace Tony Tompkins.
Josh Ranek and Ron McClendon either sharing the backfield or competing for just one import RB spot. I could see McClendon ending up on the development roster like last season, if he doesn't beat out Ranek in camp.
Bertrand, and Maurer being used as FB's/special teams like last year.

Be patient with the defence, more personnel will obviously be added at a later time. We still have months to go before the season starts!

To each his own. I think McClendon’s ticket was punched when he couldn’t win the job outright from Elvis Joseph. Ranek wins that battle without even showing up. Unfotunately for him Davis and Warren will also be there.

I would just as soon see us bring in some younger import talent to compete for this position. Good RB’s are plentifull down south, why can’t we find one and stop recylcling old guys?

when we had the revolving door of RB's in '05, goldie actually started half our games. had some decent stats for his first year here. talk about grooming a young guy - thats goldie - after the Mont game this year he talked about learning a lot from Troy this past year and I'd say it showed. I think Ranek/Warren may be a bit of an insurance policy but that goldie may have the leg up since TD wants $$ and is also getting older.

Fail to see the attraction in Goldie, but whatever. If the coaching staff had any confidence in the guy Davis would not be here today. Goldie would have been the starter with Bradley as the backup. Tell you what, if McClendon even gets a sniff at the starting job I'll give you my seats for the season and buy you a #24 jersey to wear in his honor. What are you willing to wager on a pint sized RB that has had 2 seasons worth of chances and still doesn't have the job?


If McClendon was so good why did he not see any touches or have any good games until the season was lost...can we blame this on bad coaching too???

I'd blame the coaching staff for not giving our RB's enough carries last season. I'd obviously prefer the Davis to remain as the starter on the team, but with rumoured salary disputes and the cap being implemented for next season, personally I just can't see us keeping him.

I would agree that Davis "may" be gone because of cap issues, and that Warren and Ranek are here for insurance, because of their resume's and because maybe one or the other still has something left in the event that Davis does not end up here. My point is that if we are truly rebuilding then why not look for some younger import talent to take some reps at camp. If we are going to retool then lets make sure that we head in the right direction with all positions on the football field. Ron McClendon, as nice a guy as he may be, is not the right direction.

Just a point here..lmao... Ranek and Ray are on the BLOCK..Eskie's are loading up on RB's for the MAJOR trade in the works for a QB who can carry a team and win it all ... c'mon y'all know that if it were not for Maas, that GC in 2005 would've been Montreal's

I Think That JoshRanek Will Be Here With Either Antonio warren or Troy Davis

blueandgold…its ok to be jealous…i understand

lol....well done corn

Mass didn't even play in the GC game in '05. Ray led the team to a GC in '02, but lost. And also led the Esks to a '03 GC victory. Selective memory?

Riiiiiiiight. And Kevin Glenn is Winnipeg's choice for a QB that can lead them to a Grey Cup. Excellent choice there, lol. Ricky Ray played in 3 Grey Cups in his first 3 years in the league. Won 2 of them. Named MVP in one of them. And played start to finish in all 3 of them. Kevin Glenn actually has more years in the CFL, with 6. How's that working out for you, Grey Cup wise? Was he your QB back in 1990? Is that what fuels your fantasy that he's a Grey Cup quality QB? Just wonderin.