Enough Protectionism!

We've gotta' start being more confident in our ability, as a country, to stand on our own two feet!

We cannot get ahead by dissing the USA every chance we get... lumping more millions into a dysfunctional CBC and hiding behind the protectionist CRTC's decisions to force stations to play 35% Canadian content... etc.! It reeks of insecurity!

What happens? We get shows like "Corner Gas" and "Little Mosque on the Prairie" and we're told that they're great!

BS! They blow!

I've been a TiCat fan since 1975. I live in (ugh!) Toronto! I adore the CFL and know it can survive - even prosper - from an association with the Bills! It should've been done long ago!

How many High School programs have to collapse due to indifference before we wise-up? Any football is good!

Let's start thinking outside the box a little!

BTW - Ralph Wilson IS still a moron! What kind of self-absorbed, ego-centric knob insists that Erie County rename Rich Stadium in his honour?

Your right !!!! Lets force Americans to play 3 down football. Protectionism is required when the bully is so big.

I actually think Corner Gas is as good as any of the sit-coms on US TV right now. One of the few shows that actually gets me to laugh when I'm watching it. :slight_smile:

I've been a Ticat fan since 1962. I wish the CFL could thrive from an association with the Bills or the NFL, but I don't think it would; the opposite in fact.

Protectionism isn't a good economic approach generally, and I don't support it as a rule. But where it is needed or beneficial for Canada and Canadians, I don't object to it on grounds of theoretical purity. Without the Auto Pact, Canada would not have a serious automotive sector today. Without the National Policy in the 19th century, Canada would not have had a large manufacturing sector for the last hundred years.

With open season on the CFL, Canadian football is unlikely to thrive, maybe to survive at all. If not wanting an NFL presence in Canada is required to keep the CFL in place as an institution, I'm happy to be called a protectionist if that's what it takes.

As sitcoms go, I like both Corner Gas and Little Mosque on the Prairie. Not as much as I like This Hour Has 22 Minutes or the Rick Mercer Report.

We get shows like "Corner Gas"
The one show on my weekly schedule.

Very well said stevehvh !!!

Points well made. And who said the US isn't protectionist? They want to build walls along its borders. They want to keep our lumber, agricultural produce and some manufactured goods out. Ask Korean, Japanese and German car makers if the US isn't protectionist. Every contry in the world tries to protect its own and why wouild anyone expect different?

An Argo-Cat fan

Corner Gas rocks, Jackass. :wink:

America probably has more protectionist measures in place than any other country.


Yes exactly and it is those same proectionist laws and measures, coupled with political clout that will ensure that the NFL has a team in the L.A. market before it even thinks of going anywhere else.

I like Corner Gas, watch it any chance I can get..if that is protectionist then...I am for it..

If anything has to change in television its the emphasis that the media puts on celebrities they practually devoted CHCH to a makeshift E! channel its a sad day when people are more impressed with what Britney Spears did on her friday night..than world events that actually matter.

The Forbidden guys haven't been protected, why should anyone else be?

ps. If this posts vanishes, its a sad statement on how well the mods understand Canadian culture.

I'm glad to see so many supporters for Corner Gas and even some for Little Mosque. I find them both to be incredibly funny without resorting to bathroom or sexual humor.

I like both shows also to be honest. That being said, I also like CSI, Grey's Anatomy and other US programs.

Difficult issue to determine what to keep out or legislate in this country to protect our culture. I don't have the answers on this that's for sure. It might be interesting to actually know what a majority of Canadians think constitutes Canadian culture and what aspects of this should be protected by legislation and other means.

Yes you are right it's time for Canadians to stand up and say we can compete one on one. Remember the scare mongering before Free Trade?
Time to get rid of the Canadian content in the CFL - let Canadian players compete one on one.

Sadly Earl, I don't think sports is given a very high priority when talkin' about culture in this country! Unless, of course, it's hockey...

I love that in the USA you can't travel more than 100 miles in any direction without bumping into a decent-sized football stadium!

In Canada, the same can be said for community theatre groups!!!

True enough ub about sports and hockey here. Just the way it is in just about anywhere in this country I think.

No question hockey rules in Canada, always has, always will. Canadian football is a bit of an anachronism, with it's characteristic rules and fan appeal. I've always loved the game and its history. It's a great part of our culture and I would be very sad to lose it.

By the way, I'm very glad there are lots of community theatre groups in Canada, professional ones too. I think that's something to be proud of, not to disparage. But then, I'm biased; I have a son taking acting in university!

I'm beginning to think that the CFL should become more like, therefore, a community theatre group or niche winery, small but directed to a specific clientele. And more inclusive, 10,000 seat stadiums and in at least 15 cities and just go all-Canadian content. I'm really leaning this way to be honest. And then let the NFL in wherever, it'll only go to one or two cities in Canada max anyways.