Enough Of the Politicians Trying To "Save" The CFL

Its getting embarassing hearing about these politicians who wouldn't know a linebacker from a cheerleader conjuring up these moronic schemes to keep the big bad NFL out of Canada.

The latest is some NDP nobody who thinks allowing sports betting in ONtario would help keep the NFL out. Because the NFL is supposedly against gambling.
And thus, the CFL will be saved!

First off we don't need anymore gambling in this province. Its a scourge that has to be stopped. And second, the cFL don't need saving from anything.

These politicans should stick to what they were elected to do and keep their noses out of professional sports.

Its embarassing how they think the CFL has to be saved from the big bad Americans. They seem to automatically assume because its American CAnadians will find it more exciting. But it don't work that way. And we don't need people with this mentality running our country.

The same politicians that pro-CFLers crap all over because they don't do enough for (i.e. put enough taxpayer $$$ into) CFL-standard stadiums?? Those politicians??

Not saying I disagree with you Berezin, it's just that we can't suck and blow at the same time.

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I agree....NO funding for stadiums either.
No funding for the olympics either.

Politicians should stop trying to keep car manufacturing plants in Canada, just have them in the US or wherever, why do we need them here in Canada? Oh, ok, I understand car companies do employ thousands of Canadians and then they would be out of work. I'm not sure if this matters? hmmmm, well, I suppose the politicians should try and give some incentives to car companies to set up shop here. I guess anyways. :wink:

The politicians wants to save employment; the CFL gives Canadians jobs. The CFL gives young Canadians hope to play pro football. They also want to protect the cultural asset. The US TV programs are easily accessible in Canada. It is not so for the Canadian TV programs in USA.

USA does protect NFL

The governments vote the anti-trust act which supports greatly the NFL. If one day, a foreign sport would endanger the NFL, I’m sure the US government will react. The American justice had protected in the past the NFL against the attacks from the AFL, the WFL, and the USFL remember?

It is David against Goliath

How to resist a 6 billion dollars league without assistance? Plus, the large media of Toronto have been pro NFL and make propaganda for about 25 years! Look at elsewhere in the world; the countries protect their traditional sports. There is nothing evil to draw up a better report/ratio of force because the NFL is immensely rich. It would be a big mistake to take the present TV ratings for granted. The NFL is a giant of marketing with unlimited resources.

We need help!

Agreed. It comes down to protecting a Canadian cultural institution from the hype that comes with everything that is American. There are a lot of people who are attracted to hype more than anything else (think of all the NFL fans who won't give the CFL a second glance because the players make less than $500,000/year). And there will be a lot of Torontonians who will be intrigued by the excessive hype around this upcoming NFL game.

And it's completely true that the USA protects the NFL ... yet the NFL is allowed to invade Canada. I know they're two different countries, but at the same time, TV and radio stations can only play so much American content (in order to protect Canadian culture, ie music etc...)

And I find politicians $uck and blow at the same time all the time! :wink:

NO fereral funding for stadiums i agree with....but no funding for the olympics is possibley the most nieve post i've seen on this site.

The olympics are the biggest spectical world wide...nothing comes close...not the super bowl, world cup or anything else. Not only does it give Canada and BC a chance to show our hospitality and beautiful country to over 3 billion people...it also generates vast amounts of revenue for the local economy and creates a huge window for prospective customers to become in contact with canadian companies....

But to tie it in to athletics, the most important thing it does is give our amateur athletes, who do it for free, the facilities and funding they deserve because of all the sacrifices they make to make us proud as a nation.

But the most important thing the Olympics represent is for a small time the world puts aside its deferences and celebrates its love for sports. American will line up beside North Korean, Russian beside Ukrainian, England beside Argentina and no athlete will worry about their fellow athletes countries indescretions...they will embraces as equals at the finish. And if thats not worth putting money into....i don't know what is

Yes, and the reason the Olympics are important, or should be important, for no other reason than to say image-wise that despite all of the differences between nations, nations can come together using sport and compete under some agreed upon rules and have fun and experience a togetherness. Sure, it might have historically been poker or whatever, but sport and the Olympics was what happened and I think it's an important symbol that nations can bang heads in sport and not blow each other up. Also, sport sort of implies people to be in shape and live a healthy lifestyle to perform (steroids and uppers aside of course) and therefore there is and should be a major health and green aspect to the Olympics. Sure, there are problems with the Olympics with how big they are and all the other bad stuff we hear about but still, overall, they are important to the well-being of the planet and the people here I think.

So CFL teams need a minimum amount of Canadian players. I heard once that it is law by the Canadian Government, that this is so. If that is true then why are hockey teams and baseball teams and basketball teams exempt???
Or is this a CFL rule?

Just a simple question so no need to jump all over this.


Hockey, baseball at the pro level in North America are run and operated by Americans for the most part. The CFL is a private corporation I believe and is run and operated by Canadians in Canada (although had some American franchises at one time). Not a government thing at all but under the legal requirements of Canadian business law like everything else in this country of course. Head office is in Canada. The NHL head office is in New York I believe.

No such law that I am aware of.

I think the CFL is the last Canadian pro sport league in Canada. Perhaps, this is one of the reasons why the government wants to act too.

Anyway, it is not a battle of equal to equal, fair play does not exist here. We are talking about a famished multinational pro league that as no scruples. NFL devoured football leagues before. We should not leave CFL to itself. We shouldn’t come at the point where it’s too late and say with sadness: “Oh, if only I would have acted when it was time?. Canada became the NFL’s target now. It is a very serious business. We all know that in business there is no feeling.

I don't think it's that the NFL devours other leagues, it's just that they have so much marketing and hype and that that other start-up leagues just can't get any media and press coverage and the fans are inundated with NFL stuff all the time. To be honest, I think it's a credit to Canadians and CFL fans in particular that there still is a CFL and one that at least now isn't on the death bed but actually thriving in a world dominated by American consumerism to the hilt.

From CBS Sports Community

« The NFL is like the Empire in Star Wars, they are looking to crush EVERYTHING. Why do you think the old AFL, the WFL, and the USFL sued the NFL for anti-trust violations? The AFL sued and were allowed to merge. The WFL lost their suit and folded. The USFL sued, won ($1 USD in damages), but folded. To keep growing, the NFL needs more fans and TV audiences. Canada is close (just like Mexico), has an "untapped" NFL audience, and the NFL is making inroads in both places. Do you think the NFL gives a flying *** about the long history and great football in the CFL? All they want are butts in the seats and, MUCH more importantly, eyes on the tube in Canada.

I am SURE the CFL broke off talks with the NFL this Spring (although Cohon will never admit it) because Cohon didn't want the CFL to become the NFL's developmental b*****. That is one decision I am glad Cohon made (probably the only decision I'm happy with thus far).

However, Cohon has to figure out a way to deal with the NFL that is advantageous for BOTH parties. Getting rid of 3-down football and a larger field to satisfy the NFL ain't gonna work. Neither will be having NFL team logo stickers on the back of CFL helmets like in NFL Europe. That being said, it would be nice for NFL teams to send players they have contractual relationships to CFL teams for "seasoning," if you will.

As far as ESPN goes, think about it, ESPN has recently established a relationship with the NFL after being "out in the wilderness" during its early years (remember Australian-rules Football on ESPN with the refs in those butcher jackets?) ESPN is big time now with NFL Monday Night Football, they are not going to jeopardize that with the threat of the NFL yanking their deal because ESPN wants to show CFL games.

The ultimate goal of the NFL, I'm convinced, is to have EVERY NFL game shown on their NFL network (hell, they'll probably have their own satellite soon - the DEATH STAR) shown exclusivey PAY-PER-VIEW. They pretty much have that already with DirecTV NFL Ticket (I pay out of the nose to watch each and every Oakland Raider game from Phoenix). The NFL does NOT take prisoners, and they have dealt - devastatingly - with "rogue" football leagues before. If the CFL isn't careful, it will be "YOUR league" alright - permanently.»

« ESPN is big time now with NFL Monday Night Football, they are not going to jeopardize that with the threat of the NFL yanking their deal because ESPN wants to show CFL games. » ESPN bought the European sports network NASH what is the first thing they did? Cut the CFL! Now there is no CFL in Europe. In the States we all know what is happening to the US CFL fans. Baltimore loved the CFL. To stop it, NFL gave Baltimore a franchise.

We shouldn’t be naïve….