enough of the name less sweaters

Is it just me or do others find it annoying with no names on these retro sweaters.

I'm fin with becaus ethat's one reason they are retro.

Love the gold helmets. Just wish they got the shoulder numbers right though.

If you played like that would you want your name on the back :thdn:


That is why, back in days of yore, you had to buy a program. "Can't tell the players without a program". So really RETRO. If I recall correctly, the teams were upset when the league decided that players would have their names on the jersey, just because of lost revenue on the sale of programs, and they were not cheap by any means. Was also true in the NHL and NFL if I recall. Of course in those days there was not as much movement and everyone knew every player anyway.

8) Ahh, your last sentence explains it perfectly !!!
 Yep, in the old days when almost all the same players remained with their respective teams for years,
  and years, everyone knew who they were just by their numbers !!

  Barrow, Mosca, Henley, Bethea, Page, Krouse, Shaw, Grant and others didn't need name tags !!    <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->

Yes Tipper, it was so! And it wasn't just your home team, it was all the others as well. And it was the Leafs, Canadiens, Wings, Yankess, Dodgers (Brooklyn of course) Colts, Bears and the beloved Pack. The over priced game programs were usually bought just for your collection. God help the team that traded a fan favourite.

I'm with you, Pikk. I like the names on the backs of the jerseys.

If I'm not mistaken, the Blue Team got special permission to have the player names put on their retro uni's so their fans could see the names, even though it wasn't authentic retro... I found this hilarious.

However, I really liked the colours and the look, but I've had enough of them aswell. Roll out the Gold Jersey's, don't think we've worn them yet this season...



Ironic, watching the USC / Ohio State game and the Trojans don't have names on the back of the jerseys to this day.

I do find it a little bit annoying when there is someone who's number you have never seen before.

But, it's the retro jerseys. They had no names in the 60s on their jerseys and I have no problem with them not on there.

This bothered me as well. Most of the core players I recognize without the names, but it is still nice to have the names to be able to see who is doing what out there.

By the way, haven’t we worn these unis enough? I think the 'Cats have worn their retro jerseys at least 4 times out of 10 games. Once or twice is enough. Games are starting to look like that Pro-Line commercial.


This is true. Special treatment as always.... its hilarious.

I know who they are. Don't need the names. As for other teams. I don't care who they are. Don't need the names. :smiley:

8) You're so easy to please, bg !!! :wink:

Enough of the “retro” stuff…it’s wearing thin now…

having said that though, I’m all for a permanent return to our classic look and incorporating some of the new designs…

How about a cool logo with the leaping tiger and the “TC” ghosted into the background

and once we have it down pat, don’t change it for a long time.

I’m all for the solid gold pants by the way.

They go with any jersey. (home or away) :rockin:

Well there's only one retro game left.
Sask @ Edm on Sept 26th.