Enough of the CFL-NFL Comparisons!

This is a CFL board. Why do people come on here and try to say this league or that league is better. Its apples and oranges. If you don't like the CFL, like this Argos-Bill I've seen, then go away. I personally think Egyptian camel races are the best thing going. But I don't come on a CFL board and say it. Because this board is about Canadian football. If you don't like it, or want to talk about it, get lost!

Well said! Although dont you think it would be fun to talk about Egyptian camel races lol?

Two hump or one hump? Glad you brought it up! Just maybe the Riders have a new mascot! They could get a camel and race it down the field after a touchdown. :lol:

Stamps already have a mascot, that jack@$$ Henry Burris... :lol: :lol: :lol:

The mascot must look like you! :lol:

Nah looks more like you..... since you seem to be Burris' mouthpiece on this forum....

It's the greatCanadian inferiority complex.

They're always looking to see how they measure up to Americans and love to engage in much wailing, knashing of teeth and handwringing in the process.

I can't speak for other Canadians, but I'm very proud of the country I live in, and would never want to measure up to America. Maybe it's the other way around, why do any Americans who travel put Canadian flags on their bags? :stuck_out_tongue:

I gotta admit a bit with sobrien. Often nothing is meant with a NFL reference and people get all defensive. With players moving between leagues it's bound to come up.

Here's the philosophical ponderance of the day...if Sambo42 and Redwhite'05 are arguing in a forest, and a tree falls and knocks them both flat unconscious, does anybody care?

Thank you! I've said this numerous times in the last 2 years, and people shun me for even suggesting that Canada in general suffers from this ... its been common place knowledge for decades, yet the users here deny it ... blind with pride.


Great point berezin, this is after all a CFL board. If you like that other league that's great, they have many boards.

well there is a topic for other leagues so it's partly allowed

i dont think its an inferiority complex. for me its competition, nfl thinks their so great, so i call em up on it. i think a little competition is fun, in my opinion people who dont like to compare the leagues are the ones who have the inferiority complex because their scared of competition. they dont want the chance of being beat and dont want to take the chance so they admit they are inferior, or let the others walk all over them like the nfl does...... more so the nfl fans actually, i dont know if the actual league does. but thats my take on it

It's more that Cdns like to look to US for examples of success.

The NFL is wildly popular because of marketing, relentless hype and TV ---m not the style, brand or excitement of its game. Even most American football fans recognize that.

Because of that, the comparison to the so-called "poorer cousin" that is the CFL leads some unenlightened American navel-gazers to conclude that NFL is better.

It's perception, not fact.

Hey, anybody wants to watch the NFL --- knock yourself out. Don't expect everyone to blindly follow like lemmings.

Yes, it's the old story if it is American it must be good? Like the World Champion crap moniker.

:lol: Navel Gazers!! I know quite a few down here.

I agree with berezin, there are two different codes of football, and they shouldn't be compared side by side unless for study reasons.