Enough of Brock Ralph

Last year we had to sit through how many of Ralph's bone headed offsides, lack of concnetration , dropped passes etc.?Here we are in the first game and he's picking up right where he left off. Sure they say he has speed but he has hurt this team in crucial situations and he does it over and over again. Dump him now!

ok playboy you suit up on saturday and we will see how many offsides you get, how many passes you drop, and your lack of concentration when you got 250 pound linebackers coming atcha'

dumb reply.

i guess no fan can talk about a players weaknesses since they aren't playing pro themselves?...

Oh yeah that makes a lot of sense. I guess if I cnan' do it why should we expect him to be able to eh? Ridiculous!

Blood in the water ,…Shark Attack!

I don’t recall the dropped passes,thats BS pure BS!
Off sides a few ya.

Peterson dropped them last year.
Flick played small some games and looked the same in his Rider gameone.
I recall a diving catch by #80 B.Ralph made when Timmy Chang zinged it in there low,beauty catch.

Blood in the water ,shark attack ?

horrible reply actually. so unless you are a pro football player you cant criticize another player. lol. good one.

your all hating on a 14year old and im not a pro but none of you are so stop rippin on the pros they cant be that bad if they are in the pros. they go out every week and try while you guys sit in the stands with beers and think of ways to make a post on the site

14 i get it. and were not "hatin" on ya. just pointing out why your post is ridiculous. what is it with this site that people who are under 15 think they can post whatever they want with complete immunity.


I am astounded, if not flabbergasted, by the pernicious assumption that fans...OR...journalists cannot inveighe vociferously in criticism of athletes simply because they did not play the game.

Google me for more clarification AND...edification!



:D :D :D

its a website who made you say waht age you have to be to post? and yea im 14 but i bet i know a lot more about football then you do.

It took you nearly a WEEK to think this post up??.. time to get over it I think, Game TWO is nearly upon us

Wow - leaving your age out of it for a second, when I see who the two guys that posted directly above you are, if that's who you're "betting" against that's a bet I'd be willing to take.


I am pulling for Brock..

i ll take the bet as well.

Yeah, you can criticize but stating "dump him" is not exactly constructive. Doesn't it make sense to consider the difficulty related to playing the game and the fact that these players are human and are trying? CB56 wasn't so much talking about our rights to criticize players as much as the tone of the attack. Maybe present an option? Maybe use some football terminology or analysis? Discussing roster decisions is part of the game. Stating simply that a player should be dumped is rude and it shouldn't take a 14 year old to teach you that.

After reading these forums for way too long, I'm betting on the kid. :wink: Don't let them get to you corbin56....bunch of internet bullies. :stuck_out_tongue: That section8 guy is one to watch out for. :wink:

I can't read your post or access the quote tab because of that Ticat Upright Challenge advertisement running over it. BOB!

You really don't get out much do you? :roll: :stuck_out_tongue:

I resent my exclusion in that equation, beautygirl! :wink:

Who's playboy?