Enough negative stuff...how about some positive?

Quebec City WAS mentioned.

"How about getting back to POSITIVES instead of dragging out the old negative stadium selection again.
I think it is possible to knock off the Argos on Labour Day, shut down Ray put pressure, look at the difference with Ray in there. The previous week in Montreal they looked terrible.
They are beatable on Labour Day"

And if we even have a shot at downing the blue, we better have Laurent and Atkinson in the lineup.

If we can't get pressure or hurry up Ray, he will have a banner game against our hampered secondary.

Tommyboy...did you actually read this part from the article
"But with no other viable venues to move into, Young's decision creates questions about the Ticats' future in Hamilton. Adding fuel to that fire is Hamilton councillor Sam Merulla telling The Canadian Press he's been told the CFL club has a $17-million deal to potentially move to Quebec City"

Sam Merulla is a joke and everyone in Hamilton knows he a media hound looking for his name in the press. So....the Ticats NEVER threatened to move to Quebec City.

Bob did shoot that rumor down in another article.

The point of asking if Bob threatened to move the team was to question if he deserves some of the blame in this. Bob made it clear he was going to stay out of the football end of the business after the entire Ron Lancaster/Greg Marchall/Rob Katz debacle of his early tenure as owner.

Bob is not to blame for this situation, he saved the team and has done everything in his power to turn this entire organization around from front office, to stadium, to football ops.

Blaming Bob is reaching. We should all thank our lucky stars he hasn't grown tired of this football thing and sold the team.

Sorry, both those guys are on the 6-game.

Summary of this thread so far

OP: Please post some vegetarian recipes

Reply 1: I like meat

Reply 2: Here's a good way to cook steak

Reply 3: Here's a nice stuffed chicken breast

Reply 4: Ummm ... raw carrots are a vegetable, I think - does that count?

Reply 5: I don't see who can be happy with just vegetables anyway

Reply 6: What time is dinner?

OP: Honestly guys - there's lots of meat threads already - does anyone else have veggie recipes? Anyone?

Reply 8: Does ketchup on a burger count as a vegetable?

Reply 9: Cows eat grass, so doesn't that essentially make beef a vegetable?

Reply 10: I really prefer meat

LOL, especially #9. Hey, at least my thread isn't short lived!! :slight_smile:

"Reply 8: Does ketchup on a burger count as a vegetable?"

Ketchup is made mostly from tomatoes and they are considered a fruit.

Thus, according to your statement above, the burger would count as a "fruit"??!!

Just wondering why this team has been at best mediocre for sometime now which indicates something is seriously wrong. If not the execs then who? On a positive note I am sure there will be better seat selection available next year?