Enough negative stuff...how about some positive?

I can type slower for you if you would like me to! I am talking after the 72 win for which I corrected to 44.75 years!

Thank you
Someone gets it!

I think what you're getting at, habcat ,is generational ineptitude with this team...

44.75 years of it unfortunately for us long time,life long and long suffering fans!

There is a positive ??

So much for this being a short thread! Crash I like you post and agree 100%. Bobo42...THAT IS AWESOME!

I drank too much and fell asleep before the 4th quarter ?

Didn't BY threaten to move the team out of Hamilton, too?

  1. How convenient to change you statement from your original post on page 1 of this thread !!

No mention of after 1972 there, only that you are too young to remember that win in 72 !!
I guess since you are too young to remember that one, we should just forget it :o
WOW, as you would say ::slight_smile: Unreal !!

To Aldershot?
How great that would have been.

I think he mentioned Milton and Quebec City too as possible sites to move the Cats out of Hamilton.

I believe the threat was Milton and Ottawa. But yes Mr Young did make that threat

You want a +ve?
I am positive, we will win the 1st draft pick overall.
I am also +ve that we will, again, make a lousy choice.
The Eagle :cry: :cry: :cry:

Just one more positive to add - maybe replace the one about Chick.
Did anyone notice that the kick-off return team actually set up some blocking for Banks in the last game. He had two good returns, which were a result of following the blockers up the field instead of trying to outrun everyone around the end.

You're nuts...Aldershot was the only choice as there was land, highway and GO nearby. I don't consider this leaving Hamilton. People should be grateful and stop the whining about being such a putrid team this year. Suck it up and hope it's better in 2018.

I'm not nuts but thanks for the nice compliment. Bob did threaten to move the team and did mention Milton and Quebec and I think Ottawa. Look it up. Thank god he was only bluffing like Ballard before him.

Nuts isnt so bad. Yes the threat of moving the team to said locations was made

I guess I'm nuts!! I don't ever remember Quebec City being mentioned.
My apologies ?

Yes Aldershot was mentioned and it made the most sense, close to the GO station, the highway, tons of parking etc but even though it's close, it was in Burlington.
Milton was only mentioned by the Pan Am committee when it looked like Hamilton couldn't make a decision on where to put the Pan Am stadium. Quebec City was NEVER mentioned and nothing to do with the Pan Am games.

How about getting back to POSITIVES instead of dragging out the old negative stadium selection again.
I think it is possible to knock off the Argos on Labour Day, shut down Ray put pressure, look at the difference with Ray in there. The previous week in Montreal they looked terrible.
They are beatable on Labour Day