Enough negative stuff...how about some positive?

Ok, I am done posting bashing crap, it doesn’t help anything. So our O-line did better this game, I was counting and they were providing about 4 seconds of pocket time to read the coverage, that is respectable. The D as a whole played well, well enough to win that is for sure.

ZC has lost his confidence I think, that is too bad, he looks very dejected. Masoli showed the rust in his throws, needs to practice with the first squad I think, but he was reading the D quicker and was throwing the ball instead of aiming it.

No slam against ZC but I think M should be given the start if anything to let ZC get out from the pressure he is in by the media and we the fans.

This thread is going to die real quick. 8)

LOL - I was thinking that too when I wrote it; can ya hear the crickets?

I will list what I perceive as positives on this team this season :

  1. Will Hill was an outstanding find and looked like a beast out there. This guy was a pro bowl candidate in the NFL but ran into substance abuse issues etc and got booted from the NFL. He grabbed a referee by the throat in one of his games this year for us and was suspended for a game and after that he was missing practice or being late for practice and was cut. Too bad as he was like a Chip Cox out there and exactly what we needed.

  2. Coleman at DT looks like a beast and gets good push . So much so that he forced the team to find a way to wiggle the ratio to get him into games

  3. DB Leonard has played well in every game including preseason ..he is the only DB that plays fairly close to the receivers and even prevents the odd completion unlike the rest of the db's

4 DB Unamba - short sample size of a few games but he looks like he is better than all the other db's that we have auditioned .

  1. Larry Dean. He seems to have a nose for the football and is fast and can tackle well . He has improved since last year .

6 . Castillo - Our punting and field goal kicking have been fine.

7 Saunders - This Wide receiver has made some acrobatic catches and looks like he could be a keeper

8 Aultman - Similar to Saunders as shown the ability to win a jump ball and make difficult catches . he also is very fast and that can be seen in his punt returns. He will likely replace Banks is my guess as our main kick returner

9 John Chick....he still has a motor and works his but off and makes good tackles...just not getting enough sacks could be due to double teaming him.

10 Capicotti - DE- This guy work his but off and makes good tackles and gets some pressure . I will say that Chick is not getting as many sacks as he has in the past and that could be because the rb helps out blocking chick because capicotti offers less threat . I think he is doing a decent job but we need a guy like Tracey wo has more speed and strength in his spot when our ratio improves with Butler and Fantuz returning.

  1. Kavel Connor Lb- This guy has plenty of NFL experience and has size and speed. He stood out in preseason for is speed and tackling ability and is motor. Right now you can see these qualities on is special team play . I predict he will start at linebacker in the cfl whether it be with the cats or another team . That is if e chooses to stay here.

I am positive KA will continue to suck.

I got nothin'. ?

1-17, with a Labour day win...is that too much to ask; probably. :-[


  • A 100% guarantee from the Ti-Cats that they will not lose this week . :o

I positively think this same old same old is wearing me down. I positively think that we keep thinking that their going to win one is bringing them bad luck. :-[

Of course it is wearing you down it is me as well and countless others! The team has 2!...count them 2! Grey Cup win in 45 years! In a 8 or 9 team league!!! I was too young to remember 72 and the memory of 86 is fading. Sure they went to 2 Grey Cups and lost but maybe if the East wasn't so bad they wouldn't have.
There has been nothing positive since mid 2015,nothing! I have been calling for Austin to be fired since he refused to find an experienced QB to replace Collaros when he got the knee injury. That was the beginning of the end! I sit in the stands game after game disappointed mad and never hopeful anymore, check that I'm usually just hopeful we don't get blown away lately that never happens either!
Be positive? Give me something to be positive about!...other than taking my money, that positively happens.
Bob Young Scot Mitchell look at the stands apathy is settled in and thats bad news for this franchise!

  1. Ahh habcat, you need to count again !!!
    You have obviously forgotten 1999...TiCats Grey Cup Champions, that makes 3 Cups in the
    past 45 years !!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Check your math Habcat. We won in 86 and 99. That would be two wins in 31 years. I remember our wins in 53, 57,63, 65, 67, and 72 . Maybe this year will be like 1960 . We had been to 3 straight cups but 1960 became a rebuild year that was followed by 5 straight cup games and 6 in seven years .

All of those teams featured strong defences and offences with a decent running game .

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

Positive......Bob Young does not deserve ANY criticism. It's his money that has the Cats still here. If you don't like what he's trying to do...don't go to games...dont watch on TV. That will speak volumes.
I've had ST for 41 years...one of the privileged 2500 ST holder in the really dark days.
Does anyone remember the Harold Ballard ownership days and how he actually had transport truck loaded with equipment to move the Cats to...he really had nowhere to go but threatened anyway.
I'm POSITIVE Bob doesn't like what's happening but it's HIS money and will fix it in an ORDERLY non knee jerk way.
I hate this constant losing but I'm hoping the off season will be fruitful with an experienced CFL head coach who'll bring in an experienced coaching staff. I also believe Tillman and his two assistants need to be replaced.
I'm POSITIVE we'll get past this next year. People need to chill and stop criticizing how an organization is run when they have no experience in professional football.
I'm positive I'll be at every game no matter the record.

More Positives...........

  • With the Eskimos finally losing a game , the Cats are the only team in the league now with a perfect record on the season. :o

  • The team can start looking at who they can take with the #1 pick in the 2018 draft or if they will trade it away. :o

  • We only have to endure watching this team five more times at home at THF before this season comes to a merciful end . :o

  • The team is saving wear and tear on our bright and shiny Steam Whistle this season. Insuring that the maintenance on it will not cost the organisation much in upkeep or money so they can spend more on entertaining us all this season .:o

Ahh habcat, you need to count again !!!
You have obviously forgotten 1999...TiCats Grey Cup Champions, that makes 3 Cups in the
past 45 years !!!

Well unless you expect a turnaround and Grey Cup win in November it is 2 wins in 45 years!

This team couldn't beat themselves in practice let alone any real team

The point is 2 wins in 44.75 years is beyond pathetic in a mostly 9 team league

2 in 31 years yes 1 in 18 years 0 in 17 years!

I am raising my coffee cup to you this morning.

In a bizarre kind of way, the griping and complaining is actually a positive sign for me, as it shows that we, the fans, still care. I have never accessed a Leaf, Raptors, or Blue Jay forum, for that very reason, I just don’t care. Granted, I don’t like it when our comments become hurtful personal attacks, but people are people, and a lot of us, when scratched, aren’t always all that nice under our exterior veneer.

Besides, I have my tickets through to the end of the season, I enjoy the other STHs sitting around us, the player intros, the Oskie-Wee-Wees (where else can you do something that weird and be appreciated?) the beer is cold and it is still Tiger-Cat football, or at least a reasonable facsimile anyway. If I don’t go to the games, what I am going to do with all the black and gold swag that I have accumulated? I have my ups and downs with the team and my fits of angst, but my Hamilton Proud flag still flys on game days, and I still make the trek, because, sooner or later, I know we are going to win one. Hopefully sooner, but “there is always next year!”.

  1. You still can't add habcat, 1972, 1986, and 1999..... that's 3 Cups in 45 years or (44.75 yrs, as

    you say) ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:
    Get your calculator out !!! :wink: ::slight_smile:


Meanwhile back at the Ti-Cat boardroom and head office it’s business as usual …Everybody remain calm , all is well , nothing too see here , trust us everything is under control . :o