Enough is Enough!

For the past thirty years I have been a loyal and proud Ti-Cat supporter. I have followed my team to every city in the CFL, always proud to wave our flag and brag about the team that I love dearly, even in defeat.

But this year, the year of such high expectations, I can honestly say that I know what it is like to be embarrassed. I can no longer find the words of praise for my team that came so easily to me in the past.

This year I simply hang my head in shame when anyone asks me what the hell is wrong with the Cats. I’m tired of making excuses for a team with no heart … a team with no leadership … a team with no coaching … a team with no future!

If I hear from one more person that we are in a 5-year program I think I will go postal on him. Five years where each season produces a team that is more inept than the previous one is not a plan that I care to support.

There is so much wrong with the '06 Cats that a team of specialists would be stymied to come up with a solution. But even a fool can see that we need heart, we need coaching, and we need our vaunted owner to get off his arse and do something before the half-empty stands at last nights third quarter become the half-empty stands at kickoff.