Enough is Enough

I think by now everyone can see that players are not gelling together. That is a coaching issue not a player issue so much. First remove Coaches. I heard some guy on the 5th quarter tonight saying that it was Rob Katz fault for the poor product. I highly disagree with that comment. The talent we have is tremendous but some of it isn't or wasn't being used. For example Cavil who is now traded and Corey Holmes doesn't play very much. I don't think Maas is the man. He said he doesn't like watching from the sidelines well if you don't like it than step up and play like you deserve to be the #1 guy.

Sort of sounds like Razzel, Dazzel, Brazzel that we ran out of town after bringing him here, not using him where he fit best and then running him out of town where he is doing well at the poistion he plays best in.

It was a pitty how the commentators tried to fill the holes on CBC...Richie is ready he told me on TV. Respects to you all i will mourn for a while.

Kwame Cavil in one game caught 1 TD for us lol. More TDs than he caught for the Ticats... Although he might have a season ending injury unfortunately lol.

I knew we were in trouble when the "McDonald's" line-up booklet featured mascot Stripes on the cover.

The play of the game from last game was a punt single. Disgusting.