Enough, Is Enough!!!!!

Enough is Enough when it comes to the play of the Cats this evening against Calgary and Jamie Boreham blew another late kick that would have secured a victory.

I have enough of watching this team sink faster than a rock through water. The defence is our only offence, our kicker stinks and the refs hate us what more can you ask for.

Regarding the refs, there has to be a conspiracy against the CATS, I haven't seen so many bad calls this year and against the cats in all three games but none more important than the late hit on Jason Maas, it was obvious a late hit two players took a cheap shot on Maas and get away with it, Scott Gordon hit Burris early in the game he gets flagged. Also Maas took an earlier hit in that same drive it was late the ball was released and Maas ends up with a bloody nose, quite frankly I believe the CFL refs are BUSH LEAGUE and our showing their true colors once again against the Ti-Cats. Kim Murphy was the head ref he is from Hamilton but hates the CATS and he has proven that i n every game he has called, he is a patsy trying to make points with the big boys amongst CFL refs, this guy use to ref Touch Football and high school games now he refs in the CFL for the past many years but in every CAT game the calls have always gone against us and enough, is enough and this guy should be fired from the CFL. His is a bonafied idiot!!! We have get our QB's injured game in and game with no penelties against the opposition team, meanwhile our guys hit another teams QB and they are called, there is no fairness in this, and this is not a level playing field. I call on all Ti-Cat fans to protest and write the CFL in regards to this crap and misuse of officiating against the Ti-Cats and lets make sure Kim Murphy is no longer a ref in the CFL and if he is lets boo him at every game, because ENOUGH, IS ENOUGH!!!!!!!!

Agreed 100 %

You are right. I am sick and tired of this crap.