Enough is enough

Well, here we go again. Two weeks off to fix the problems; the return of the “savior” Casey Printers; a re-jigged offensive line; - and the result is? Same old same old.

Wally Buono says that the blame lies with poor execution by the quarterbacks - however all of them are equally ineffective. Are all three of them that bad?

If you needed any further proof that the fault lies not in the players but in the offensive system, just compare the play calling by Dave Dickenson to that of Jacques Chapdelaine.

Wally, we’re tired of your excuses and stubbornness. It’s time to face facts…the offensive “system” sucks. The defense is on the field way too much - no wonder they get tired and make mistakes.

Don’t let the final score fool anyone…the Lions were completely outplayed.

Wally, changes need to be made…you are in serious danger of losing the fans and maybe your own job.

To those people who say what a great coach Wally is I would say this - There is no disputing Buono’s past record but that was then and this is now. The nature of professional sports is that you are as good as your last game and in my humble opinion I’m seeing a whole of denial, excuses and stubbornness, all of which makes be wonder if isn’t time for drastic action by ownership.

Another concern is that, given Wally’s obvious reluctance to place the blame of the lack of production by his offensive system at the feet of the person whose responsibility it is (his offensive coordinator) leads me to question his ability evaluate potential new head coaches if he should be moved into managerial role following this season. There is a lack of confidence creeping in and the seeds of doubt are growing.

I hear what you are saying. Just for the record; The Lion's are one home loss away from the most defeats in a row at home which stands at seven. The Lions now have six in a row over two seasons and next up is Cleo Lemon and the Toronto Argonauts. Perhaps they will win that game. It doesn't get any easier as Wally will have to out coach Jim Barker.

phhtt - no problem.

I was there; it was ugly. Casey was bloody awdul. Three times he threw hail-marys on the run - supremely lucky to not have all 3 picked off; all too often his passes were too hard, and too high to handle, He looked like he was making up most plays as the ball was snapped. I didn't see one screen pass, pitch out, end-around, or reverse (thanks to Mr Predictable - Mr. Chapdelaine), Defensively, BC's zone coverage was brutal - giving ample space to all receivers on the out and the flat. Crawford was ineffectively running all over the field - showing up late. Missed tackles were way too many to count. It was so bad that the only time the crowd seemed to enjoy it was during Passmore's injuryl the crowd was doing the wave! Unbelievable. Time to call a spade a spade. Where's the accountability?

Printers was awful!! He chucked up some passes that never should have been thrown. He was lucky on simon's catch on the 1 yard line and his td pass was a blown coverage by the riders with our receiver completely wide open. Printers completed 1 or 2 passes in the entire second half! Lulay came in , and I know the Calgary defence was backing off, but at least Lulay can run!! I would start Lulay over Printers any day of the week. Dickenson's play calling made Chapdelaine look like a grade 6 football coach vs. a professional offensive co-orinator. Take away Simon's two incredible catches and the lions score two less touchdowns. Printers is done. Let Lulay learn and grow. At least he can run for first downs.

TAD CRAWFORD is the one who has to GO! He is the WORST Safety in the History of the Lions!

Again, I agree. As soon as I knew he was the replacement for Miles , I said "uh-oh". I won't get into why he is so bad ( just read some of my previous posts ) , but at least I did see something positive from last nights game. After he blew the coverage on Calgary's first TD , Mark Washington and Baron Miles were ALL OVER HIM on the sidelines...and the discussion was VERY heated. At least they actually do see what we see. We could put anyone back there and we would be no worse.I don't care if we have to mess with the Canadian ratio to make it work , just get him outta here.

All of you have some very valid points.
A lot of us on here, are Season Ticket holders......who came back to the game, this year...thinking that it would be a magical year.......what with Empire "Stadium" being Reborn, and being able to share "Outdoor" Football with our own Kids and Family.
As .....we did with our own Dads and Moms , when we were all Kids.
Well.....as they say.....You can never go back home, once you leave.
And our sorry looking team, surely supports that statement.
As far as our Sad team goes......ya.....you can talk about Crawford not being the best safety, to ever have put on a Lions jersey, or we can all talk about Printers, being DONE.....as he showed that he was, when Hamilton picked him up! ( I have No Idea.....what the heck Wally is thinking, by keeping him around......Casey is Damaged Material, ever since going to the NFL.).
Yup.......we have No Offensive Line ( They are a Total Embarrassement to that position)......our Front Defensive Line is full of Wannabees, who couldn't put a decent Rush on the Doors at Future Shop ,on Boxing Day, and our Play calling selection...is something that you would see in a Kids Flag Football game.
Yup......we can pick apart the Players, all day long.......but guys.....like come on!
Who is really to blame for this very embarrassing MESS?
No one else....BUT.....The Coaching Staff.
Why belittle the Players?
Whether they are Good or Bad........I would like to think.......that they are out there ...trying their Best, at all times.
But.......aside from the lack of Chemistry or the lack of having Better Talent on our Team........this team....was hand picked and selected by Wally and his Staff.
And that is where the Blame and Fingers should be pointed.
Not at Casey.......Not at Crawford, Not at the Offensive Line, Not at our lack of a Pass Rush and Pressure......the only Blame is on the shoulders of Wally and his hand picked staff.
Our play calling is absolutely Laughable.
Yet......Nothing is done about it!
Week after week goes by......and the same Coaching Staff......is still here??
Why is that?
Seriously.......why has not one of them, been FIRED?
Every aspect of the game is Sad.
Penalty after stupid Penalty.......that is lack of Coaching.
No Blocking......that is Coaching.
Predictable lame play calling.........is the result of Poor Coaching..
No Running game........Poor Coaching!
No Passing game.......Poor Coaching!
No Coverage.......Poor Coaching!
Lack of Talent.......You got it.........Wally again!
So ya......we can pick apart the Players......but.....WHY?
The players are not the Problem guys.........the Coaching Staff is!