I've had enough of this mayor.

He has singlehandedly divided this community; mountain vs lower city, suburban vs urban, neighbour vs neighbour.

He has made us the laughing stock of the country.

He has jeopardized the cleanup of the Harbour.

He has lost private investment and supported phanton people, whom no one has ever heard of.

He has insulted and dismissed community and business leaders of this city and has jeopardizied hundreds of jobs, 250 downtown.

And of course now we have the real possibility of losing a 141 year icon?

This is a leader?

He will go down as Hamilton's worst mayor.

Well enough is enough.

Is there any interest in getting a rally going where we call for this mayor to step down and let council run things until the next election?

I'd be willing to put time into this

God Father,
I think you should make Fearless Fred an offer he can’t refuse. :wink:

How about this: Bob Young for mayor!!

In eight weeks you can toss them all out of office.
Get Out and Vote on October 25th

he would get less votes than fred outside of ticat faithful

I think you should make Fearless Fred an offer he can’t refuse…

i think someone already has…

and that is in itself scary
years ago we had a project 80 to look at municipal corruption in ontario… too bad the project was stood down

The arrogance of Fred is shocking..........and the two Councilors who flipped today?...........both are cowards because they fought against Bob tooth and nail up until yesterday and already did their damage. And now they are trying to save their political asses and nothing more.

Clark and Mitchell are the only two with any guts to speak up against dictator Fred........it's disturbing

Councilor Brad Clark is all over him though and some things seem to be on the verge of coming out......

Are you in Ontario. It looks like your in BC.

If that's the case, how can you make that statement

In talking to people across this country at work he really has made us the laughing stock

i wrote the following e-mail and cc to freddie and all the councilors last night -

To Mayor Eisenberger and the rest of City Council

As a Hamilton resident and tax payer I am embarrassed by this whole fiasco. I place most of the blame on the whole city council. I've heard all your arguments for WH and not EM and most of them don't fly by me. As this process started, the city wanted the WH. Then the mediator got involved and whittled it down to 2 locations, including NOT the Tiger Cats first choice and you haven't wavered from the WH. It's like you're digging in your heels and you want your legacy to be the "council" that screwed up royally and missed out on a once in a lifetime cheque from the federal/provincial government to help pay for a stadium. As for Mr. Young pulling out of the city council meeting the other day, he probably saw the railroad that was in store for him.

Where we are at - Council: WH or nothing
- Tiger Cats: many locations but the WH

I implore the council to bend on their stance, just as Mr. Young has and consider another location other than the WH. If you don't, I see that this council's legacy being the people that were responsible for losing a new stadium, the Pan-Am Games and the Hamilton Tiger Cats. There is no room for egos here. I don't think that the Aldershot Tiger Cats has the same ring.

It is your right to vote as you see fit just as it is my right to vote as I see fit come this fall.

brad clark was the ONLY one to reply. he wrote -
You are bang on! I am trying to fix it. Council votes tomorrow.


I can only speak about Tom Jackson, and your assertion that he is a coward is dead wrong.

He was one of the only councilors during this whole farce who disputed the findings unbiasedly. He challenged the reports put forth by the city, even if he ultimately voted for the WH. To imply that Tom Jackson “fought against Bob tooth and nail” is incorrect.

Admitting when you are wrong, which Tom Jackson did today, is not something a coward does. He could have just as easily stayed the course, but he didn’t. He admitted his mistake in voting for WH on Tuesday and he did all he could to rectify that mistake.

That's like saying 'Chief of Police for my neighbourhood school crossing guard'.

well the mention of chief of police is apt

i think it will soon be time to bring Glenn D. into the picture.... there are too many shady ladies in this deal... developers are killing hazel... they are doing the same to Hamilton... can anyone say Royal Connaught..... and who pray tell owns that monstrosity...?

think about it...

and other than that person --- whos name is being whispered around the corridors of power

in the end we will have this to hang our hats on.. no waterfront stadium, no football team, no pan am games.... and the laughing stock of the nation.,.. trust me.... you are

from the same folks who spent millions to relocate city hall office space... we bring you as a consequence of their great business accumen?????

the New Downtown Mega Parking lot....

I never thought we would fall so low... Buffalo is looking good right about now... atr least their retired Navy vessel is accessible.... AND they have an NHL team..

Hamilton? we have the Flying Dutchman for a Mayor and we are sailing into a really darkening fog..

The only reason these cowards changed there vote, was to try and save there jobs come this fall! Well guess what you failed in that also!

The vote was tuesday. What they did today was to make themselves look good and they know it. In particular the loser who represents East Mountain did an enourmous diservice to citizens of his ward, Clark I think. To f off to Toronto instead of representing his residents at vote time should absolutely have him fired.

Bruce, please, it’s THEIR. :smiley:

Footballyoubet - Enough of your sarcastic comments. This form is intended for intelligent discussion. Keep your comments to yourself - As far as the mayor is concerned - this is like watching a rather crappy movie that you wasted your time purchasing. The movie is " Forrest Gump" and after the second vote " Stupid is as stupid .........

I give everyone credit who changed their vote today - it took courage and common sense, which most of city council lacks. How and why does city council not realize that Bob Young does not and will not invest over $15 million dollars to further lose money each year. He wanted to invest 15 mil + in the stadium and community if he was given the opportunity to make this money back - which the only opportunity he sees is through development in the surrounding area of the stadium - unfortunately the WH site does not provide this opportunity - so he's out. Why would anyone think he wants to waste putting 15 million into the WH site without the opportunity to make it back. Also city council must ask themselves why has this stadium debate caused so much attention and debate - it's because we love our cats, not because we care about amateur sports or the pan am games. We all want WH cleaned up, Bob Young tried to address this - so what we get is probably nothing - way to go city council - I'm impatiently waiting for the fall elections.

I am sorry to say after an opportunity to "Man Up" or whatever the city council come up short once again. Just how fricking stupid can a assembly of elected officials be? I would guess somewhere between a greased palm or re-election. Hay city council - what's in it for your? The entire county is laughing at you !!!!

I am sorry to say after an opportunity to "Man Up" or whatever the city council come up short once again. Just how fricking stupid can a assembly of elected officials be? I would guess somewhere between a greased palm or re-election. Hay city council - what's in it for your? The entire county is laughing at you !!!!