Enough is Enough

5 years and nothing from the Shivers regime. Our 2 best QB's play for Calgary and Winnipeg. Our kicker consistently costs us games. We are outcoached everygame. The fanbase of this team has been exploited for its loyalty. If Shivers is so amazing at getting talent find a QB, some receivers and a kicker. We as fans have to quit accepting mediocrity at best from this team. Shivers had his run and has produced nothing. We made the playoffs. Whoop de do. 6 teams in a 9 team league do. Roy likes to run that big yap of his all the time. What right does this clown have to beak? A .440 winning percentage, 0 home playoff games and of course the undefeated Grey Cup record of 0-0. What else: the Burris Fiasco, the Flory Fiasco, trading away the draft pick that was Jason Clermont, keeping Trevis Smith around, keeping McCallum, ignoring Canadian talent to name a few. Shivers need to be shown the door, along with the coaching staff. Every game we are outcoached. Memo to Richie Hall make some defensive adjustments, you've got the talent. See ya Pint. Danny an overall under .500 record, regressing this year, no home playoffs game, see ya pal. Marcel's gone we all know that, but will this team have the adacity to just axe him and use him as the scapegoat for this year? Knowing these clowns, probably. No other team would put up with this record over this time period. Being an educated football fan I'm not settling for mediocrity. Just having a team isn't good enough. Squeaking into the playoffs is not good enough. Keeping the current staff around is an insult and a slap in the face to by far and away the best fans in the league. One final note, I've read on here that clowns keep saying how bad it was under Al Ford. I wasn't a fan of his either. However, he had a very tight budget, unlike Shivers. Oh yah, there was that little football game his Team won in 1989. These guys are a joke.

i dont think we were out coached but there de co beat our oc. its belfay
who calls our offence.in 4 quarters and still he could not beat a zone
d. you are a a pro levelfire belfay.we need a new qb,greene bye
crandell back up, trade kk for wr ,defens is fine ,hire joe as an oc =grey cup
the riders cant go bye that stupid cap nobodys close so why do we have to be? thats not roys fault thats the riders club who needs to spend$$$$
i think your just venting and im sure you will change your view once roy signs a qb.i almost forgot about 89 that was a cinderella year we barly made playoffs if i remember we were not even a .500 club then. for the cash roy has to spend i think hes done pretty good we have alot of great players just short one or two to win us the big game. i say give it till the off seasons over and see what changes they make before i turn on roy/barret

Out coached? Yes. Lack of Talent? No. Our offense was brutal this year because of our OC. If Barrett doesnt want to fire Marcel then maybe it is time for him to go.

Our Coaching Staff is fine except for Marcel Bellfuille. This guy should have been fired years ago, and now that Paopao is done in Ottawa it is an easy choice for the position. I don't care what anybody says about Shivers and recruiting talent. Look out all of the guys he has brought in over the years he has been here. Rest assure he will get a QB in the offseason or he knows his job is in jepreody. Danny should stay as he has been here for a while and works really well with Shivers. Our defense is good as it is so leave Hall alone. The biggest reason we struggled this season was on offense so why do we need to change everything else? Get rid of Marcel and get PaoPao over here.

not so sure about our defence....................we seem to play a very passive defence............how many times did we get burned on 2nd and 17.......................why cause Hall woudl just send in 3 D-linemen in........how many games did we lose during last minute drives when we couldn't stop them..............or last minute drives my third string QB's..............one winning season in 6 is god awful..............my god we won 2 more games then Ottawa and thats them with the Glieberman circus going on...................look at Calgary..............what they did in one season.........................fire the GM.......Head Coach......OC and DC............................clean house NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Man people on here are typical Rider fans taking crap from this club. These clowns have had essentially 5 years. They put all their chips in Nealon as the man and that mission failed miserably. People are kidding themselves if they think this regime is magically going to change their ways. Marcel sucks, yes. But look at the O before Marcel, same garbage plays. The D is fine. No its not. Yes, it has talent, but Pint's strategies are garbage. See BC's 3rd stringer, see first half Montreal game. The playofff game was over when Calvillo ran the bootleg. Oh yeah Shivers ***** Flory around and look what the Don has in the gameplan a billion screens and hitches to let Flory kill DBs and LBs. Marcel is awful. Barett hired Marcel. Thats a horrible judge of talent, same with the QB situation. See ya bud. Pint has more talent on D than any team in the league, yet they consistenty get torched in key situations. Bye Bye. Roy 6 years a sub .500 record, regression in year 6, players with HIV kept in town, guys pulling guns at Earl's, believing Nealon is/was the man, no home playoff game and obviously no cups. This clown said at the beginning of the year that anything below 12-6 is a disappointment. He was right. If you're happy with the typical Sasky attitude of being happy with not being awful, keep these guys. I on the other hand don't accept mediocrity and demand change. Only a moron would buy into these guys for another year.

I noticed that during the first few minutes we blitzed several times, but near the end we stopped, why?

Ford was the GM in '89 when they won the GC but wasn't it Bill Baker who built that team. I believe his last year was in 1988.

If the board for the Riders were smart they would clean house get Ritchie in here as GM and Coach for one year until the franchise can show it is a move forward. Then let him find a good coach for you. Ritchie had good competitive teams, he is a very good coach and well respected in football. I can tell you he will prove that Shivers is just a dog and pony show.

....whoa.....when you said "Ritchie" at first you meant Richie Hall.....thought you'd been imbibing in some beverages there for a minute.....

I like little Richie Hall but not as a coach he is a very great guy. I believe the Rider Board of Govenors will be having a press conference regarding Roy Shivers as reported in the Calgary Herald today. Apparently the board is not happy that Roy says he was happy with the rsults of this season. Yikes he has been staring in those one armed bandits too much. As you all know in Rider land I dislike Shivers because he may be a good personnel guy but a GM he is not. He can spin a great story and everyone becomes believers. But when it is six years and nothing more then what you guys have received so far is just not fair to the Rider fans. I like Danny B but he has very little input with Shivers around. If the Riders can not pay out both why not promote Danny B to GM for a year just a thought.

I personally don't think Ritchie is all that good anymore. I think he has lost his skills. I do not want him here.

Well Billy considering that Bouno went after him to fill a job out on the coast tells me he has not lost anything remember the problem with the Blu team is their GM and it was not Ritchie. Ritchie is a very good coach and has been in the industry along time. He was the fall guy in Bomber land for an inept GM. Hmm sort of like Danny B is in that position now. Anyway I respect your opinion.

Shivers was intervied on the radio last night. Incredibly he said he was happy this year INCLUDING all the coaching. I think you guys need to improve in a couple of areas.

(1)Marcel B has to go as Offensive coach. Too predictable.

(2)You need a couple of receivers that can hang onto the ball. (Travis Moore sure looked good against BC) There were too many dropped balls this year.

(3) I still think you need an upgrade in QB. Forget Nealon. Crandel is a very good back up, but I don't think he is your guy to lead you to the "promised land".

(4) I'd go with Corey Holmes rather than Kenton Keith. Keith is a good player but I'm not sure about a "Locker Room" leader. We've heard rumours out here in the radio and press that KK is a bit of a rebel in the dressing room.

In Fairness to Barrett, he can only work with what Shivers gives him. If Shivers can't do it, then perhaps the GM position is what should be changed. I told the Winnipeg posters to get rid of Taman and go get Eric Tillman.

Go get Tillman before they wake up and grab him!

Well if Tillman doesnt pan out as a GM in Sask they can always use him as a boot scrapper :slight_smile: that haircut he has is just plain wild..seriously I think Tillman can get the Job done.
I am happy to hear the board is not pleased with shivers,it almost seems like he made that comment to force there hand, they could afford to can him but at a great cost ..
so it will be an interesting few weeks ahead to see what happens

Agreed on all points. Except I don't really like Tillman.

If we are talking in fairness, lets talk about Shivers. B.C., Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, and Montreal all have a much higher cap than we do. I don't know if the other two teams do, but all of the ones that made the playoffs do. Now the boad of directors can bitch and moan all they would like to about the players, but you get what you pay for. Although there has been trouble off the field, we have not had any players throw anything into the crowd, or use racial slurs agaist other players on the field or punch people in the groin. A 9-9 record is not that good, but for what Shivers is working with, he is doing one hell of a job. I would like to see Printers, Tucker, and alot more free agents come in next year, but I'm not a Billionair so I can't buy the team. Look at alot of our players, and you will see the only import left on the team is Trevis Smith from before Shivers came here. at least 3/4 of the team was recruited by Shivers. Shivers brings in unknown players so we can have a competitive football team.

Hey bigj. Trust me. The riders are not innocent in salary cap dealings. They are WAY over. last year was around 300 thousand over, I bet this year is even more. We may be AS over, but we are still over. Only Ottawa has a right to complain.

What I am saying is that when you are given little to work with, if reflects on the amount of talent that you can bring in. Its the Board of Directors that give Shivers the budget to work with, and he has done a damn good job of recruiting talent so that he can work under budget. If he had a budget like B.C. or Edmonton, he could have went out and got Sanchez, or Copeland, or Hervey, but he doesn't. Instead he built a relationship with the players and resigned Hunt, and Keith, and Makowski, and has developed players. Winnipeg proved it this year, Ottawa will prove it next year, that you can't be incosistent every year with new personel.

IMO from what I saw of the RoughRiders this season they just need a QB.