Enough is ENOUGH...someone help this team...NOW

Im a Lions fan..I went to the game...ti-cats vs the roughridies...with a friend who is a big ti-cats fan...

Here is my rant:

I feel sorry for all the ti-cats fans...what a pathetic display of a bunch of nothing...
I dont even know why they bother showing up at the field! i dont even know what to think of the ti-cats organization...i thought they were suppose to be better from last season...what a joke...

I am just.....................................................................

Something, someone, somewhere, somehow.....its got to change...NOW!!! i think i've heard enough of hearing things like:
..."rebuilding" cause i think they have been rebuilding the "building" of neverending crapness
..."firing" to hire someone that isnt doin anything but $.!T on the field

WAKE THE HELL UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want credebility!!!!!!!!...I want this team to rise again....okay maybe i "oversaid" some stuff...SOME firing would be good...BUT GAWD!!!HELP THIS TEAM.... :cry:

Nobody said that when Ottawa was having trouble, so why should anybody care now ?

True enough ORR, I'll admit.

Some cow-boy from Alberta should show Hamiltonians how you put a sick horse out of his misery...

We will be back Third, I promise you and then we will really show you how to pin a bird on the wall for target practice!

That might not be this year though. You’d have to make the playoffs to get another shot at the birds in 2006.

I'm going to bet right now that the Cats win the Grey Cup in 2009.

Well Third how do this in Montreal! I know here you try to fix the horse with anitbiotics! Is that what you are looking for? The Tiger cats cna fix their problem with a new GM which they did, get rid of Lancaster they have not done this yet this guy has a black cloud over his head everywhere he goes. Then an injection of receivers would help greatly they have none right now! And yes get Holmes runnig the ball lots more.

It was not a pretty game to watch , even if you are a Rider fan. Sask gave Hamilton 6 of their 8 points on safeties, and it was painful to watch Hamilton's ineptness on offence. Hamilton has marketed Holmes to death there, and yet they dont use him? :? Lancaster made a good move in getting rid of Pow!Pow!, and he is only a interim coach. There are some good HC candidates in the CFL right now, and Hamilton should make a move now to sign a guy like Richie Hall(a good coach), Greg Marshall(Winnipeg), they will be good head coaches for some team in the future.

Oh well. That's softer that I imagined. You must be that cowboy dressed in pink that I saw while I visited.

Here in Montreal, we just wait for the horse to cross the road and roll over it.

No third the modern western cowboy is more advanced thats all! Maybe you roll them over to palpate the horse! :lol: :lol:

Here's the difference...EVERYTHING else in hamilton is fine...

Attendance, Ownership, corporate support, fan support, financial stability, etc etc etc. is all EXTREMELY solid in hamilton.

And now with a new GM, byebye pow-pow, etc....the road to improvement has begun

You are right! Now the new GM must find a good coach that has had success not a new bee!

I have an idea, if your so concerned about the Cats, why don't you apply to be the new GM or buy the team?

You beat me!...I was just amazed at how well supported ti-cats are...the fans are just right there...even if they have to watch this kind of cr@p. I dont blame some people who just walkout after half-period...but wow! reminds me of loyal edmonton fans(except that Edmonton always get into the playoffs....not this year, methinks :frowning: :wink: )

Are you for real? :slight_smile:

you sound like a guy that is pumped up enough to do the job, and with the expects of CFL.ca to help you, you should be fine.

lol ya I agree, maybe sometime in the late future :wink:

heh "half-period"

the CFL's gotta keep the Cats record of winning the title every decade going.