Enough already!!!

Is anyone else getting tired of kickers missing FGs? Granted, some of them have been long, like the 49er Suisham just missed… but come on. This is getting ridiculous. Every game this is happening! :roll:

when its not the team I am cheering, I love it. Specially when its dallas. :twisted:

Keading just missed one... I hate San Diego, so I'll admit, it was kind of nice... but still, it's another missed FG. What the hell is going on??? :expressionless: I think you can officially make a case that there's some sort of postseason curse against kickers this year. :roll:

I am cheering for SD 60-40, so yeah, the missed fg can be annoying, but overall, I am enjoying the NFL postseason play this yr.

Overall the play has been good… though this weekend hasn’t been as exciting as last weekend. It’s just all the missed FGs. I’ve never seen so many in my life. :lol:

I think the remaining kickers need to spend all of next week just kicking FGs. Spend 6 hours everyday just kicking FGs.

ok chief, you are as right as rain. Its absolutely sickening, sigh

Yeah, but at least the second Keading one was a 57-yarder.

makes the cfl field goal situation look pretty daym good.

To me the playoffs so far have been missed field goals and blowouts. I'm hoping there's some classic games this weeked

I was just glancing at this article. Apparently kickers are kicking at 57.7% this postseason. That's disgusting... :?

[url=http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/playoffs/2009/columns/story?columnist=chadiha_jeffri&id=4847426]http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/playoffs/ ... id=4847426[/url]

Yep!!! Just proves how superior the nfl is to the CFL :lol: