Yes this is a BIG GAME and things haven't been going according to plan this year, but with all the "Games within a Game" that are going on...this should shape up to be a GREAT GAME!

Forget all the other BS...let's support our TigerCats and hope they come away with a win in :rockin: Calgary.

:thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup:

woody, I'm afraid to actually think about the games and whether we can win. :?

The stadium talk is easier to deal with actually emotionally. :wink:

I hear you! But I'm so sick of reading all the BS and negative stuff...the long and short of it "there has to be a winner and a loser in football"...that's reality...we've had some mistakes and had some bad luck...that's reality...but REALITY DICTATES that we still are in it and only by winning some games can we get to the GC.

The Ticats can still make it to the Playoffs...sure they need some help but they have to HELP THEMSELVES with a few wins...AND THEN, and only THEN...ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN!

I'm looking forward to a Good Game and hopefully the Ticats can come away with a win. One game at a time. :wink:

YES>>>A win in Calgary will do a great deal to shut all of us negative commenting people up and with a possible Edmonton loss tonight things could turn around. I think we have more raw talent and skills than calgary and we know that "Blitz..Blitz..Blitz.." is the only call. After all we know their quarterback well and how to beat him...this is a no-brainer. This will be sweet ...now don't let us down !!!!

Hamilton has a chance to put it's future into it's own hands tomorrow.. with the Blew team losing and Edmonton trailing, the Cats MUST win tomorrow to greatly improve their playoff chances. If Edmonton loses tonight the pressure is on.. time to step up or shut up!

They should have known how to beat him back in August too, but that didn't stop Calgary from leaving Ivor Wynne with a win.

While the odds seem long (the Cats have one once in their last 10 trips to Calgary, and that win was back in 2004), this team can win tomorrow night. I'll be cheering like I always do. And Winnipeg did the Cats a HUGE favour tonight and hopefully BC will keep Edmonton in check. Tomorrow could go from being a big game to a REALLY big game depending on how tonight's BC-Edmonton game ends. "Let's go Lions" is the cheer tonight; "Let's go Cats" will be the cheer tomorrow.

Well, despite missing Lulay, Simon, and AB3, BC beat Edmonton 39-19. Although backup QB Mike Reilly looked alright from what I saw.

While I honestly don't like this Ticat team's chances of winning in Calgary, this Ticat team needs to take advantage of this opportunity and catch up to Edmonton and that other Ontario team in the standings.

For some reason I have a feeling that we're going to play well tomorrow. Burris and Davis returning to Calgary (Not to mention Davis' presence on the defensive line), Knowlton returning, no Marquay McDaniel or Kenny Pettway for the Stamps. It's all set up. A win would be huge and would set up an interesting final two weeks. However, I don't want to get my hopes up too much because chances are i'll be let down.

Both the argos and the ESKS lost today so a win would draw them even closer to a playoff spot. Knolton is back, Torrey Davis and BrandaonPeguese are back in the starting line up. They are starting currently 8 NIs so with OLineman Hennesey the Cats could have three imports on the O line. A guood game played by the defense will reignite the Offense giving them beteer field position and force more Pumps for Chris Williams and special teams.

They have the incentive to win tonight after the loss by Edm and TO but a loss tonight and it's over!!

Argos and Esks lost lastnight ! Come on Hank GET ER DONE :rockin: GO CATS GO :rockin:


Ive been saying we still have a shot at a playoff home game and i still believe we will pull it outta our behind and get it, especially after edmonton and toronto lost last night. We win our final 3 games, we get a home playoff game if we can beat toronto by 8 in the final game of the year. I have faith we can pull a string together like 3 years ago when we were 6-9 and won the last 3 games to get a home playoff game vs BC. Lets do this. oskee wee wee.

But, will incentive suddenly matter, when it hasn't before in games where the incentive, at the time, was perhaps even greater than it is this time? I don't believe it will. The coach's words this week indicate that he does. Is he just blowin' smoke or does he suddenly see something different that I haven't? Nevertheless, I'm a life-long fan who believes "it's never over 'til it's over" and I'll be following Woody's directive to "support and hope." Of course, I'll be doing my cheering from afar and in the warm. Wet snow and then drier flurries with the temp just above and below freeing during the game certainly isn't like to help the Cats' chances.

ticatsection30diehard: Let's beat TOR by 9. (by 8 wouldn't break the tie in the standings)

Win last 3 and we are in the playoffs, simple as that,, we won three in a row very early on in the season, put all that crappy play in the last ten games or so behind us and move forward, im not getting my hopes up to high but we have a huge opportunity to turn this season around. DO IT!

For sure, they've been given the opportunity to make the playoffs, they have to come out smokin and with controlled, intelligent aggressive fire in their hearts.

When KG was on his game he was great. He plays far better than the guy we got playing for us now. I need to get my eyes checked I am having a hard time locating this so called raw talent we have. We get retreads and guys that have not delivered elsewhere. This team has been bad for years and is worse this year. Bring in DAH TALENT!!

JUST WIN BABY, JUST WIN !! :rockin: and we will see what happens !?

They did have to bring in some retreads like Nick Graeme do to injury but they do have a nice young receiving corp and Giguere has finally came back. Burris as much as people like to complain is putting up some good numbers. Also everyone forgets that Martell Mallet was the started RB back from the NFL and in his prime so that had changes at RB where walker started on fire but he may be a better change of pace back in a two RB system than an every down back but that is something that will be hard to work in during the season since Cobourne came when Walker was hurt.