Enough Already, Commish Cohon Lets Challenge Them?

It got me to think again as we talk about this and it seems like every year when the Americans anoint their pro champs as the World best.
This is even more laughable when the No Funners do this as I have heard again was the case last night.
It seems we some of us here are not the only ones that take notice.
Today I heard how Pierse Morgan of CNN on his twitter said the same thing.
Now some are calling for him to be deported.
Truth hurts I guess!
So here is the answer, why not have Commish Cohon issue a challenge and take them up on this stupid moniker.
I know this will never happen as the NFL has far too much to lose.
Let's approach it from another angle, like a World Football Championship.
All to include hockey, basketball, baseball and soccer being the most successful have World Cup type competitions.
Every 4 years, the Football Cup either 3 downs or 4 and even though there are only 2 nations playing.

As much as I get where you're coming from, I'm not sure the Grey Cup champ would be able to beat a Super Bowl champ... The risk is higher on the CFL's side than the NFL's as a blowout would result in an unprecedented amount of "bush league" comments.

I see it different.
We have absolutely nothing to lose.
In my opinion, if we play 3 downs rules, we win every time and conversely the NFL wins on their version.

Hey the Toronto Argonauts are the "World Champions" of Canadian Football!!!!!!!!!!!!

:thup: :rockin:

I actually thought of this too yesterday, but not because Americans like to call their champions the "world champions" (that pisses me off too, it seems like they think the world is only as big as their country). It would be a cool idea, but people need to realize it wouldn't be as one sided as they think. The games are completely different, you can't compare talent levels between the two leagues. With the right balance of the two different sets of rules it could be a pretty good game.

I know we are talking out in left field, the answer could be to alternate the rules.

The previous CFL vs NFL challenge games were always played with one half Canadian rules, one half American rules. Not sure I want to see our CFL All-Stars playing 4-down U.S. football, even for one half. :expressionless:

It would be a lose lose for the CFL. First of all the game would presumably take place after the SuperBowl. CFL players would be over 2 months into their off-season, some of them 3 months. Plus, if the CFL team wins, people will just claim that the NFL team wasn't trying.

But I do agree, only in 'merica can you get away with calling a domestic championship a world champions. It's just dumb.

The world champion thing started with baseball waaaaay back in the early 1900's, the league wanted the game to be played around the world. They thought by calling them World Champions, which they knew was a bold statement the sport would get exposure. It did and the NFL and NBA followed suit, seems to have worked out well for all of them, its bold to say it, but the world knows all those leagues exist.

What does it matter, really, if they choose to call themselves Champions of the Universe (except perhaps for annoying He-Man and Skeletor)? Everyone knows they only play in the States.

If it gets on your nerves, ArgoT, quit acknowledging it. It's not like it actually impacts anything.


Agreed, it seems to me that he's suffering from a little jealousy?

You are kidding right?
I at least am not afraid to call it like it is.

I happen to agree with Argo T, it sticks in my craw too, and I see nothing wrong with calling out stupidity.

It’s such a presumptuous, hokey, and in effect, meaningless statement in that so few countries play American football. Even Roger Goodell said “World Champions” when he presented the Vince Lombardi trophy to Baltimore. :roll:

It would be like if we called the Memorial Cup champions, the World Champions. Yes, we probably have the most well-developed junior league and there probably aren't that many others around the world, but as you said it's very presumptuous to make such a declaration when in fact, no international competition was held.

you’re nuts.

you honestly believe the CFL would ever be able to compete vs the Super Bowl Champs? come on now. wise up!

So few countries? This site lists scores for 27 of them.


(oh, good, my Hospitalet Pioners really took it to the Las Rozas Black Demons ...)

Can you imagine the kind of press that Cohon would get for suggestion such a stunt? He would come off like a complete imbecile.

That said, there are competitions not unlike the ones ArgoT suggests. Support these. The International Bowl is tonight and Team World has a majority of Canadian players. The World team won last year for the first time.


Other World Cup style tournaments can be found here (junior, senior, flag, whatever)


Buy yourself a Team canada t-shirt or something. Their ballcaps are awesome.

[url=http://www.footballcanada.com/Home/tabid/38/language/en-CA/Default.aspx]http://www.footballcanada.com/Home/tabi ... fault.aspx[/url]

That's what I like a thoughtful exchange cfl?
Absolutely, our guys are faster more agile and overall better athletes.
We win with our rules every time and the No Funners with theirs.

Let them say what they want, its not a big deal, we have no problem saying Hockey is Canada's game but it is played all over the world.