This has been a topic for the past 2 weeks and it is tiring. We all know who Taman is after:
1.Ted White
2.Bryan Dinwiddie
3.Khari Jones

Now i have a feeling it'll be White (I sure a hell don't hope so) if anyone, my choice would br Ryan because he is young and could be a great Starting QB in this league. But let's not jump the gun!!!

End this topic now please, next week against T.O it will be Quinn or Banks and they will have a full week of taking snaps with the starting offence .... if we make it past T.O Kevin Will be back and no more worries, if we lose to T.O then re-open this QB debate that's been happening here for years already, it is tiring.

personally i think Brendan should be looking at Nealon Greene, Brady, Marcus Crandall or the rights to Casey Printers in the off-season in a trade .... Nealon, Brady and Marcus would be #2 and of course Casey would be the starter....leave it alone this year.

First off, what makes you think that any team is going to part with the likes of Crandel, Brady or Greene, after what has gone on this season. And, secondly, Kevin Glenn is our starter and to say Printers would automatically be is narrow minded, just like your post.

Open up and have some fun with it, even though you may be sick of hearing about it already.

well tonight printer crapped the bed so he'll be back in the cfl and bombers should trade Banks & Donovan Carter for him since Hebert is beta at the safety position any how

carter doesn't play safety with us. okimey does and why would bc want those two for printers anyhow. at least make it reasonable. say.... sheridan and banks and a few draft picks.

and here is a suggestion ... if tired of talking of qbs don't write a new topic about it. i suggested discussing the other and i would say more interesting depth chart questions but no one seems to be interested in that so qbs it is

…how about talking about Dinwiddie…seems he’s the new kid in town…will hit the practice field on Sun…he’s got 2 up-sides…25 years old…and knows Berrys qb. system…past that i guess we have to see the guy perform… :roll:

just go with Michna

he has been cut!


apparently mike quinn knew berry's offense from before as well. So if Dinwiddie's prior knowledge follows in Quinn's footsteps, prepare for 8 picks and 4 fumbles. LOL. I still dont see why they dont give brad banks a bigger role. Got a nice arm (saw at training camp) and he can run better than some running backs. He just needs quick 7 yard passes and then a hand off or little tuck and scramble, could rack up tds. And wasnt he HEISMAN TROPHY RUNNER UP, to NFL QB CARSON PALMER, who is arguably the SECOND BEST QB IN THE NFL, AND WE HAVE HIS RUNNER UP ON THE BENCH!

What about Brad Banks? Did he really bomb that bad in pre-season?

i would have to say i am leaning towards banks as the #2 behind glenn. he had a rough game against hamilton but brazzel dropped two huge passes that could have really changed the outcome of that game.
quinn looked real bad although he also got no help. this will be an interesting game.

I hear Banks is really coming on in practice this week, but it sounds like Quinn will get the start on a short leash.