Enough About Ricky

Last night CBC announcer Mark Lee kept referring to Ricky Williams as a "superstar". And the headlines for last nights game are that the Stampeders ruined "Ricky's return"?

Oh please. Ricky has shown nothing to be called a superstar in the CFL. He played okay last night. But so did Jeff Johnson when he had the chance. And nobody came close to Joffery Reynolds performance.

If you ask me the Argos giving the ball to Ricky so much in the first half probably got the passing game out of sync. They had one drive that took up ten minutes, and they came away with nothing in the end.

In the CFL you win with passing. Running the ball is dangerous because if you get stuffed on first down, as Ricky was several times, you face second and long. Which is what happened to the Argos last night.

So enough of Ricky. He is part of the show. Not the show.

…agreed…Williams had a pretty good game…nothing that says ‘superstar’…BUT after coming off an injury like he had…he was definitely showing some game… IF i was picking a back for my team based on last nights performances…i would say Joffery Reynolds would definitely get the nod… :wink:

57 yards rushing is a pretty good game?

I think they're doing this on purpose... Remember, Ricky's the "STAR" from the NFL!!! so they need to give him the respect! (sarcasm...)

I wish I could give CBC a piece of my mind!!

Does anyone blame the loss on Ricky?

The Argos were on a winning streak while he was out of the line-up.

I agree Ro, as a Stamp fan I would like them to give it to Ricky! ha ha ha 57 yards on 11 carries is not a good game boys! Also remember he had one carry for 15,12 and 11. Thats 38 yards on 3 carries so then what happen the other 8 carries.

I think Nik Lewis got him to sign his jersey! He said when he was in High school R Williams was his hero!

...guess you guys don't read too well....i said Williams coming of an injury ...wasn't a bad performance...c'mon give the guy a little credit....57 yds on a bad foot ...ain't bad in this league... :roll:

He broke his arm, not his foot. Quite frankly, I'm surprised he didnt walk out on the Argo's like he did to the Dolphins.

Sorry but Pappa is correct he did wreck his foot as well as his arm. But dad you know better then this. Ricky is 100 per cent to go do not give him credit when it is not due. 57 yards on a 11 carries is not a good game. Is that better then blink when he played the stamps?

It was his achilles... nonetheless.. as I have argued many times on behalf of Joffrey in the past.. I think average yards is more important than total yards, and he actually averaged slightly higher than Reynolds did that game. He's a good player and a good guy, the only problem was the Argos have a crap game plan which has no balance between rushing and passing, making them easy to read and thus easy to defend. Then since running the same play nine times in a row isn't working, they give up on that play for good. So in the beginning of the game, they rush on every down, and Ricky looks OK.. but when the Stamps realize that up the gut is going to be the bread and butter, they shut it down.. after getting stuffed a couple times, the Argos stop rushing completely and rely solely on passing.. leading to INTs. I don't know who replaced Kent Austin... but he better roll up his sleeves and get to work.

I do not know what game you were at Reynolds was by far the better running back!

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I dont agree with the average being more important.
If he had one break out run for say 40 yards and then 9 more for 0...... He ends up with a respectable 4 yards per carr average. I think the last 9 means much more than the first 1

I agree, enough about Ricky. Toronto vs Calgary had a lot more to it than Ricky Williams …