Enough about Lumsden.....

Nothing against the guy but he doesn’t play for the Ticats, he is trying out for a spot in another league, maybe even backup. If he plays, so what. I wish him well where ever he or any other player plays,CFL, NFL etc. Are we going to hear a play by play on this guy for the rest of the year. Give it a break. Enough already. This guy gets more press than any current Ticat player.

so, lets not forget hes a hamiltonian, it gives me shivers knowing hes a home born kid making it in the nfl, i want as many updates as possible, i dont know about the rest of you but im damn proud of that kid and think, hes a wicked role model and this could set a trend for years to come and let canadians know that they do have a chance, he could be making history.. not that any other canadians havent succeeded in the nfl, but the RB postion if hard to accomplish, if he pulls it off, congrats to him and i think its great.

I agree, I love hearing about him. Go Jesse!!

8) Sorry to disappoint you but Jesse is not a Hamiltonian !!! He grew up in Burlington !!!

THANK-YOU Goofyy. I was about to make the exact post today.

Everytime I log on here, there's a news story about Jesse Lumsden. Hell, the man can't take a s**t without us getting an update.

Don't get me wrong, I wish Jesse the best of luck down in the States. Hope he excels.

But, when I come to ticats.ca, I want Tiger-Cat and CFL news. Period!

your brutal, why wouldnt you want to hear updates abuot him, i think its great what hes doing. you guys are all just so upset abuot our dear ticats you dont want to have to think about a guy who would have bin a great cat but is not becuz he wants to prove he's better then he is

I like hearing updates about his progress, remember, he still is TiCats property and he could be a useful addition to our team if he gets released down south.

Heard that Kahill Hill was released by the Jags, wonder if he will try and catch on with someone else.

We have a specific forum for NFL news, no biggie.

All the best for Jesse!

Oski Wee Wee,

He will be here in a New York minute if he isn't picked up by another NFL team.

He got released yesterday Aug 14 2006

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Hopefully, we could use him.