Enough about Damon's toe already!

All right, we all know about it. Its bad enough that they spend 10 minutes showing Pinball and Bishop supposedly talking about it.( I loved when Suiter pretended to know what they were talking about)

Can we give it a rest already.......There is another game going on here!

It seemed like that's all Suitor talked about whenever they showed the T.O. bench. :lol:

Honestly, if it's a bad injury, Allen should consider retirement.

Even before the injury he should have gracefully retired.
In fact after last year.

Time for the old fokeys to retire and let the young-uns take over. Damon, time to go, and time to chat with Dickenson, his health is more important!

You are correct Sporty.

They talked about Damon's injury as if it affected the Argos' chances. Damon or no Damon, the Argos won't win until Bishop comes back.

funny how the 3 man QB contreversy in the centre of the universe of Toronto that had them winning the grey cup afew weeks back has turned into the whine and moan show of Damons Big Toe. Who cares; there are 7 other teams that are competing with defence; big plays and hard work..... WE don't all care about Toronto

Agree BigDave, that's why with Butler starting this week, which is a whole lot better then Damon or McMahon, it will still be a massacre at the dome.