Enough About Casey Printers

I'm tired of hearing his name.

Every time a QB has a bad game or stubs his toe, someone is like, oh well maybe they should bring in Casey Printers.


Casey Printers is a bum with a piss poor attitude, and he is injury prone now to boot. Apart from one season with the Lions, when he was propped up by probably the best overall offense in the league, he has been mediocre to crap. The stats do not lie. Lok at his stats after that one magic season.

2005 stats: 131 of 216 pass attempts for 1671 yards, 9 touchdowns and 6 interceptions,[6] with 336 yards rushing and 2 rushing TDs.

That was 4 years ago. Barely over 50% completion and almost as many ints as tds. I can't even find his Hamilton stats, probably because he rarely played for his $400,000. So please, no more Casey Printers talk. He will never play in BC again, most likely he will never play in the CFL again. Coaches, who know the game much better than we do, will not touch him.

Same. He will never be back here as long as Wally is running the show and he will be for a good long time.

I just wish that people would forget about him! he's not coming back to the CFL. nobody wants him, and frankly nobody really needs him.

Seriously though, BC should trade for Michael Bishop.

so let me get this straight... you're sick of hearing about Casey Printers... so you start a thread to talk about......... Casey Printers??? :roll:

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I thought you were trying to prove that he shouldn't play in the league again.. the numbers you posted just show that he's way better than anything the Bombers have. Barely over 50% completion, what are you talking about? 131/216 is 60.6%. 9 to 6 is not a terrible TD to INT ratio, actually it's pretty much the same or better than any QB in the league this year not named Burris or Calvillo. Those numbers give him an 87.2 QB rating, which is something like 4th in the league this year. What's so bad about that?

He was a lot worse in Hamilton, but he really didn't have any help.. he was on probably the best offense in the league in BC and went to probably the worst in Hamilton.

I don't want him because like you say his attitude sucks, but I don't really think you can say he's a terrible quarterback and you especially can not based on the '05 numbers you posted..

I also have to agree that if you don't want to hear Printers' name anymore, you probably shouldn't start a thread about him.

Don't be so sure. The way David Braley was glaring at him last night was reminiscent of the way he glared at Al Bruno just before he fired him.
Al Bruno, who led the Ticats to 4 Grey Cup appearances in 6 years. Who, the previous season, set a club record for wins and lost the Grey Cup by a last-second field goal in what is still considered one of the greatest Grey Cup games ever played. But I believe the Ticats were 4-7 in 1990 when Braley canned him.
The Lions are 3-5, with back-to-back games against the Alouettes next on their schedule. A 3-7 record is almost a certainty.
Mind you, I'm not saying that they SHOULD fire him. I think it would be foolish. I'm only saying that it's not out of the realm of possibility.

Who wants to bet me $500 Printers is in the league by the end of next year.
That's money in the bank.

The thing about Hamilton last year is that once Casey got hurt, Quinton Porter and Adam Tafralis both played with the exact same team that Casey had and they actually had some minor success moving the ball.

Granted, the Hamilton offense was terrible last year but when QP was in, we were completing 2nd and long passes for first downs.

Casey talks a good game but can't deliver.

Buono is the reason why Printers was successful. Let's take a look at some of Buono's QBs:

-Dickenson, great in Calgary and BC under Wally, garbage in San Diego and Miami and wherever else he was
-Printers, great in BC, garbage in KC and Hamilton
-Jackson and Pierce have been successful in Buono's system but I wouldn't classify them as starters elsewhere in the league.

Buono has a great system that doesn't need superstart QBS.

Buono has also had Flutie, Garcia and Allen but they are all world QBs in my opinion.