Enjoyed it! (From a Louisiana Ti-Cats fan)

Just wanted to tell everyone how much I enjoyed following the Tiger-Cats this season. Suprisingly, I was able to see several games either on the NFL Network, or ESPN3. The season reminded me how much I love the CFL game! Ya'll are awesome fans! This season has been a blast. I actually had friends calling me on Monday mornings asking; "How'd your Cats do this weekend?" Loved it! Looking forward to all the off season activites. Just wanted to let everyone know how fun it was to make some new friends on this board and talk about the Tiger-Cats this season. So, from a Louisiana Ti-Cat fan, ya'll have a fantastic Christmas season and we'll see you around.

Laissez les bon temps rouler!


(Apologies to the fan in Montreal with this username, but) Oskee Oui Oui!

Great to have you posting and watching. We need more like you down south, spreading the word about the league. I have always found the game more entertaining than the American version, although I do enjoy them both.

Hey, you might want to stick around during the off-season. With free-agency in February, the Canadian college draft (can't remember when), and the run-up to training camp, the discussions can get rather heated. And fun. :slight_smile:

Glad to have you on board pard'ner! :cowboy: (I know, wrong state) :wink:

LaChazz, out of curiosity, did you have knowledge of the CFL before you watched it on the NFL Network/ESPN?

enjoy. :thup:

CatsfaninOttowa, I will certainly be checking in for good draft conversations. Sounds great.

Tangledweb, I was a season ticket holder for the CFL Shreveport Pirates. I fell in love with the game. A HUGE thunderstorm moved through during a close game between Hamilton and Shreveport. The game went into a rain delay. It was raining so hard, we were stranded in our seats. You couldn't even see to walk. Eventually, it stopped and the game resumed. The Cats took a decent lead. Soaked fans watched the Pirates came back, but fall short. The game was so memorable! Knowing we were probably going to lose the Pirates franchise, I decided that when that happened, I would be a Hamilton fan.

Still miss having the Pirates. The fan base loved the game. I really looked forward to those Saturday night in Independence stadium. Loved hearing both National Anthems. I really enjoyed the times when someone from Canada would have made the trip down for the game. Most of the time, they were heading on down to New Orleans or over to Dallas for a few days. Great conversations and CFL camaraderie.

I remember that game.
The CHML radio announcers had to abandon the booth it was so bad.

Yeah...it was crazy. Independence stadium, especially the press box side, is very steep. I wouldn't want to be in it if there was a possible tornado. One of the things I remember about that game is Shreveport punted, the rain poured even harder and no one knew who had the ball! Finally, the ref signalled touchdown Hamilton. Someone ran it back and none of us even saw it! That's when they called it. We had Billy Joe Tolliver as QB. He just about brought the Pirates back. Great times!

Billy Joe Tolliver


Welcome LC.
I remember watching games on TV, however I do not recall the attendance as being decent.
With a better stadium and owner, do you think this team and our league would have had a chance in your city?

Hi LaChazz:

Always good to hear from folks who live outside our border and who enjoy this unique style of football. A different perspective is welcome here anytime.

And if you know some others, please bring them along too!!!

Louisiana could have a very big year in football. The #1 LSU Tigers( God bless Peter Dyakowski) and the Saints could return to the Super Bowl and win it. Cajun football looks pretty good from up here in the frozen tundra of Ivor Wynn. :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy who likes the Tigers of LSU)