Engraved on a Nation

I know that I'm preaching to the choir here, but, how good is TSNs Engraved on a Nation website!!

The documentaries are outstanding, but I hadn't seen the site until tonight. I just lost two good hours reading the various little blurbs and watching the old CFL clips that paint the rich tapestry that this league is.

Throughout the tragically miss-managed 80s and 90s I remained a die hard fan of the CFL, but like many others was kind of 'apologetic' about it. I have loved to watch the league make its comeback, and this year, the marketing has been outstanding, and everything that goes with Engraved on a Nation is one of the best advertisemenst for the game (aside from the game itself, of course).

If you haven't done so, definitely check it out!

Thumbs up to TSN :thup:

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