Engraved on a Nation

Surprised there is no comment on the first documentary. It brought me great joy to relive it again :smiley:

Yep, especially liked Paul McCallums' quote. :lol:

I liked Duval showing Rider Nation the finger, with the ring on it... :lol:

Too soon. Duval is a punter. Paul's comments were good, winners on a technicality, but a legit one, so winners still. ARRGGGGGHHH I hate that game. The documentary was ok, I honestly thought it was going to be better.

I thought it was okay. There were some nice shots of the fans — the one of the old band with grandma playing the sax was pretty good — and the story had to be told. You can't let a monumental story like that go untold. And don't forget about Montréal's comeback either. They were there in end when it counted most.

Man some of the SK people they interviewed seemed kind of dumb. I feel like everyone is going to think we are all like that.

I still can not watch the FINAL kick. I shut my eyes. It still just hurts too much. Truly, only a Rider fan would understand.

One I thing I found interesting is that the 13th man was a player who did not come off, not one who went on - I do not think I knew that for sure. However, I am still happy that I do not know who it was.

No, we can all understand how devastating it would be to see the kick sail wide and zero,s on the clock and your team seemingly has just won the Grey Cup.Only to find out a penalty allows a re kick from 10 yards closer. The fans of the other 7 teams are thinking this..... THANK GOD THAT DIDN'T HAPPEN TO OUR TEAM!!!!!!!!!! There is no getting over that one. No comment on the peeps they interviewed :lol: :lol:

Seriously though, like where did they find these people?

The only people who get a pass other than players or staff are those 2 old nuns. They were awesome haha.

They made it seem like rider nation has had nothing to be happy about for decades. They never once mentioned the Grey Cup win in 2007.

I look at 2007 as a year that every starting QB was injured, except Sask.

Very much enjoyed it and yes, the 2 nuns were priceless. :slight_smile:

I think the relationship between its fans and the team came out loud and clear. The documentary had an A and B story line and they are tied together forever and using the footage of the game was the only way you could convay that kind of emotion after the fact. I think it was very polished and done with a lot of respect.

they had that little boy say, 'the riders are a great team that just can never win a grey cup"...
then they also had people saying they've only won 3 grey cups in 100 years.

someone who doesn't watch football, but watched this show would get the impression the riders are in a long drought and the fans are long suffering.
but, they've won the grey cup more recently than toronto, hamilton, winnipeg or edmonton.

i feel like, the story that was being told was a sympathetic one of this franshise and its long suffering, but very loyal fans. mentioning the 2007 win would lessen the impact of the story. so, to me, the story was a bit of an exaggeration.

even talking about how the riders always pack the stadium....well, that's only a recent development. they'd mention that the team almost folded a couple of times, but didn't mention the part poor attendance played in that.
as recently as 2005, the riders had the 2nd or 3rd worst attendance in the league.

this show - as entertaining as it was - was revisionist history, IMO.

I agree that the emotional triggers were selective but I think that was done to keep the focus on the story the director wanted to tell. There were a few omissions that they could have at least mentionned. It would have made the documentary hold up better over time IMO.

I enjoyed it alot. I learned something about Saskatchewan fans. Lookng forward to Fridays episode.

Not just Rider fans. Most sports fans will experience a similar circumstance for their beloved teams.

In my case it's a different sport, baseball, but the feeling is the same whenever I see the play, whether it be on the tube (or should I say flatscreens now) or in my mind.

It was in 1981, in October, not sure about the exact day, but it was a Monday... a Blue Monday.

So yeah, even though I was on the happy end of that Grey Cup game, I fully understand the feeling it can bring to loyal Rider fans.

Very painful to watch. Especially seeing Szarka crying. made me cry too.. and the comment by Durant about him and Fantuz crying thier eyes out.. I really was impressed with Paul McCallum's comments. When he played for the Riders, he was my favorite player.

I finally got a chance to watch it, and thought it was well done. Loved the nuns. Also loved the one reporter saying what he said when it happened; sometimes, that's the only word that fits the situation. It was odd that they didn't make more out of the fact that "The 13th Man" prevented the actual 13th man from hearing the play call, and then prevented Kavis Reed from telling one of the players, any player, to get off the field. Good on Ken Miller for not saying who the extra player was, although what happened to McCallum a few years earlier probably came into play there.