Engraved on a Nation - The Crash

I've read up quite a bit on this crash as it happened just outside my hometown of Chilliwack, BC.

Unfortunately, the on-line write-up by the CFL/producers states the crash was in the Rockies. It was on Mt. Slesse, which is in the Coast Mountains. A common mistake that appears because so many people equate ALL BC mountain ranges with the Rockies. Too bad a factual error was made, but still a very compelling story.

Looking forward to watching it when I get home from work tonight. Looks like its gonna be one of the more heavy episodes of the series.

do we know what the rest are about. Wondering if one would be about Terry Evenshen

There is no documentary on Evenshen. There is a website for the series:

never knew the crash site could be seen from an accessible point. Saw the monument & wouldn't mind seeing it in person one day.