Engraved on a Nation series on TSN = excellent!

The CFL legacies explored on the 'Engraved on a Nation' CFL personal football stories have been some of the best documentary television I have ever seen. Kudos to those who produced these excellent documentaries and to the CFL for sponsoring these bits of history that make us appreciate our league even more!!! Well done!!! :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :rockin: :cowboy:

I only managed to catch the first one because these aren’t available in the states :frowning:

I agree Ive enjoyed them all so far, still thought the Stone Thrower was the best. There's so much about CFL history that I never knew wish there were more documentaries made of players past and present. It's a shame so little is done to make documentaries of our league.

You can download them on iTunes. The cost is $3.50 Canadian dollars. However a little birdy told me that you can find a few of them on bit torrents.

They've been excellent, have to watch the Jake Gaudaur one I taped.

Just watched it last night. More about the guys on the team than the game itself. Very good.

A great way for casual and non-CFL fans alike to learn stories about the league. I’d be willing to bet dollars to doughnuts that even some of us seasoned die-hards learned a thing or two about our great game and those involved in it.

They are not available on U.S. iTunes. Thanks for the thought though.

Watched the Jake Gaudaur segment last night, excellent again. quite a photo he cherished.

Can you not just watch it from the Engraved on a Nation website?


Series is very well done, tonight's was great too. They all deserve to be 2 hours long .It's too bad Lion's Stampeder's and Bombers were not represented in the series. All three franchises , have great stories to be told.

Maybe a follow-up series of some sort might be done a later point perhaps though.

“Sorry, this video is not available” if you don’t live in Canada.

However, it did work when I logged in through a Canadian VPN. :wink:

Thanks for that! I had completely forgotten about the web site. Watching the Chuck Ealey story now :rockin:

I am enjoying this series, I hope to see it available on dvd/bluray...

I also managed to get it working on my iPhone 8)

This series has not turned out at all like I expected. I thought it was going to be just about the CFL, the Grey Cup and it's impact on Canada and Canadians. However, each episode went well beyond just that and that's been the most entertaining part of it. The story of AC and his family, the in depth look at some of the players in the photo and what happened to them, Chuck Ealey journey to Canada which was so representative of many black QB's.

Compare it to the NFL's America's Game (which is a great series on just the game) and I think this a far better series. Enjoyed them all so far.

Yup, they're all very, very good. The website is actually a treasure trove of short documentaries. VERY interesting! I hope they keep it up for a long time.

Is it coincidence that they save "The Best Team That Never Won" for Grey Cup week? A doc about the 1971 Calgary-Toronto Grey Cup?

Conspiracy theorists start your engines. :wink:

I've enjoyed most of them. Probably the only one so far that I haven't really cared for is "The Crash", mostly because it was hardly about the crash, and more about Edwin Harrison. It still wasn't bad, just my least favourite so far.

Watching the episode about the '69 Grey Cup last night made me think about what an absolute stud Russ Jackson was. Old film can be deceiving but even just sitting on the bench he just looked like a million-dollar athlete. Big, strong, mobile, with a computer processor for a brain, and cannon for an arm, Jackson was even a real load to deal with when he tucked the ball in and rushed upfield. I'm convinced he'd be a star in the CFL today, a bonafide franchise player.

Which of course begs the recurring question: why is Jackson such an anomaly as a starting legitimate all-star Canadian QB? Was he really this once-in-a-lifetime occurrence never to be repeated again? It's almost beyond belief.