English Radio for this Saturday?

Since the CBC isn't airing the football game in English, I'm going to try and watch it on RDS, while listening to the Radio Broadcast, except I can't find who does the games in English in Montreal.

Team 990 seems to have some sort of Quebec Horse racing scheduled at 7pm on Saturday, and nothing on the schedule till the next day.

Can anyone help me out and tell me what station I need to tune in to?

CJAD.com on the internet.

If you have Bell Express Vu, it might be in your radio package.

I’m in Montreal, what is the AM Radio frequency?

CJAD 800 am !

It's on the website, top left corner :wink:

They have awesome AL's coverage, and on Sunday night from 7 to 9pm (Sunday Night Sports & 800 yards club), they usually have a call-in show with an Al's player !

thanks man, used to do this for Canucks games, TV with the radio broadcast, can't do it via internet because of the 15-20 second delay, but hopefully live radio will be in time with live TV

Remember the Lions...

I have never seen it happen.
There is nothing more annoying than watching a long bomb sale thgough the air and hearing the crowd AWWWWWWWWW
I gues he misses it.
You could always turn off the radio and pretend your listening to CBC :lol:

CJAD does have a great show during and after the game.

Actually it’s too bad that you dont understand Fench because Pierre Vercheval (former Allouette) does a fine job as a commentator.

I live 30 feet from Molson Stadium in Montreal, it's fun on gamedays, but it's true, when watching on TV I can hear the crowds reaction 4 seconds before I see it happen on TV.

Last week I watched the Riders Bombers game on CBC, and had the radio play by play on over the internet, but the delay over the net is much longer then the TV delay, so I'd be hearing about the play 15 seconds after I saw it, got annoying.

But I figure a live radio broadcast (not over the net) should have the same 4 second delay that the TV broadcast will have.

No I think there will be a delay because the example I gave comes from watching RDS and listening to CJAD.

I tried to listen to team 1040 for one CBC game recently . And the net was way behind , so I tried the radio live. The radio was a couple seconds ahead . Can’t win so silent CBC broadcast it was .

I have 2 expressview recievers so one was set to CJAD and the other to RDS it worked perfectly