English Premier League - soccer takeover eventually?

Just reading about how well the EPL markets itself worldwide. The NFL really has it's work cut out for itself if it wants to go more interenational.

""The way the Premier League is organized and the way it's marketed, it's remarkable," he said. "The money coming into the Premier League is exceptional. English football is shown everywhere in the world. I was in Africa and Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea and you cannot open a TV channel without watching the Premier League."

[url=http://www.sportsnet.ca/soccer/article.jsp?content=20070228_175524_4900]http://www.sportsnet.ca/soccer/article. ... 75524_4900[/url]

Dream on Earl, dream on: Rugby [Union] is on the rise too. :wink:

And each year more and more countries are taking live AFL [Aussie Rules] coverage.

Oh and if you live in Oz and don't have 'pay-tv/cable' (which about 60% of Aussies don't--far to expensive for what you get) you'll not see the EPL excepting maybe quarters, semis and final of FA Cup, likewise with the Euro Cups.

Even the Domestic A-League can't buy space on free-to/over-the-air TV.

Hey Van, it's not that I want soccer to keep get bigger internationally, gridiron football is much better in my opinion. But the signs to me indicate that at some point, soccer will get more inroads in North America as it is so huge internationally, that's all I'm saying. Look our our 3 big cities in Canada, getting more foreigners all the time who grew up with soccer.

Interesting numbers for the Under 20's in Canada this year.

"Advanced ticket sales exceeding 500,000 should make the under-20 World Cup soccer tournament the largest single-sport event ever staged in Canada."

[url=http://www.sportsnet.ca/soccer/article.jsp?content=20070301_163135_1168]http://www.sportsnet.ca/soccer/article. ... 63135_1168[/url]

Of course Sportsnet doesn't say the GC is only 9,000 short of a sellout as they don't show Canadian football but are big-time into showing soccer on that network.

They seem to really gain some marketting momentum and then shoot themselves with one big scandal after another. Even though I loved Satan head butt in the World Cup.

Yes Earl - soccer has reached saturation point in all but a few markets, USA, Aus, NZ and SA. So it's growth trend as a share of the global sports dollar has to be downward as baseball, basketball, the rugbys etc-and let's not forget about Aussie Rules, Gaelic and sadly fo Canadian Rules, the US version of American Football continue to grow.

Just reading that Toroto FC, Toronto's new MLS team, is sold-out for seasons tickets for the first year of the team, they cut if off at 14,000 for the 20,000 seat new stadium at Ex Place. That's a good sign. Will be interesting if the support is there year after year.

No surprise there Earl..Soccer is played EVERYWHERE in the world. NFL is not.

soccer is also probably the cheaper sport to get involved in. you just need a set of cleats and shinpads, the teams you join pay for the jerseys/balls/feild time etc. not to mention you can practice on your own, in your backyard. its really convienient for parents, thats why im assuming thats the biggest reason why its becomming so popular in N. America nowadays.

Gaelic Football and Australian Football are as cheap if not cheaper to play. Here in Oz we had a Sudanese refugee (a grade 6 or 7 school kid, who'd played soccer all his life) take up Aussie Rules because his parents couildn't afford the membership fees to play soccer: it cost his parent's nothing other than the cost of his boots to play in his school and regional Aussie Rules teams.