English Debate. My thoughts

Slow season in football, and I really think its good to talk politics, opens people up slightly to what other people think on an issue.

I watched all of the debate (minus the first 10 minutes) and I have to say that I wish I didn't have to vote for anyone.

I'll start with Duceppe. You gotta admit he doesn't backdown. He sticks to his party line and runs with it. I really don't understand how they can side with the cons on anything with the way he talks. From what I understood their policies are definetly far from right wing. I liked what he said with the crime issue. He went straight to the right thing and that is Poverty. Go for the cause of Crime, minimum sentances statisticly do not deter crime. Not that I am opposed to them I just think its being used as a campign issue.
I'll give him a B ---- he would have got higher from me if he wasn't a seperatist.

I wanted to slap that damn grin off his face. Why was he grinning the whole time?? It looked like this was all a joke to him. Didn't help that what came out of his mouth wasn't really concise about anything. He really backtracked about their tax plan. He would not admit that they are reversing the tax cut on the lowest tax payers but instead made some joke about the lowest bracket doesn't pay taxes. I thought all three of the other leaders really brouught it to him, and he couldn't say anything back. I'm biased though so others might have liked his sly grin. Everything he said just sounded like he would do very very little for me, a middle class student, and everything for the upper class businessmen.
He did say one good thing, but I forget what it was about.
Grade: D-

I think he held his own out their. He was obviously getting attacked on all sides, yet managed to get some fairly good points across. I think he was the best debato, just had bad material to work with. I liked his stuff on tuition, I hope he is actually recognizing that students that are debt free help out the economy so much faster then students that aren't.
Grade: B-

I have mixed feelings on how Layton did. While I think he said some very good things, and his policies seemed a lot better then the othes, he seemed to avoid some questions. I like how he tried to really get the point across that they are a viable option, that they can have an affect on policies. He defenitly stuck to his guns and showed how the libs and cons aren't so different.
Grade: B+

Overall I am glad I watched it, and I hope it helped out some people to decide who they will vote for regardless of who that is (although I hope its not Harper)

I never got to watch any of the analysis after as I had hockey, but I am sure there will be some replay action on newsworld


Billy you are bang on with your grading of the leader's...you are in the know, about politics..
Football needs a little help, try switching teams you cheer for....
Maybe just one day you will consider running for your riding...under the NDP flag..

Hmmmmmmmm can't agree with ya............but I will assume its just a mater of different preception..........I dislike the NDP........and their ability to tax everything....are there still planning to tax the dead like last time????......I have seen what the NDP have done to ol'e Saskatchewan........could never vote for them..........but back to the debate.......there was no knock out punchs....not sure about the way it was done.......not sure what the best way to have a four way and maybe even five way debate

Personally I think they are pretty much a waste of time. How many people really decide who they will vote for based on these debates. I was listening to the radio after and anouncers who have been pushing for the cons say Harper won all they way. Lib supporters say the same about Martin. Whats the point?
What I cant figure is why was Duceppe there? He is not running anywhere outside Quebec and even if he was, do any of you Westerners give a rats patootie about what he has to say? In tonights french debate I would say fine and will prob watch some of it but not in the English debate.

I would rather has had the green party there. I would not vote for them but I would like to know what they have to say.

Ah Billy, you and I will disagree on the ratings. Neither leader had as "Knockout punch". I liked Layton as a speaker, but hate the NDP's policies. The NDP out here in BC practically drove the economy into the ground. (Don't get me started on Fast Ferries either) The announcers said that the handlers of Harper told him to smile more because last election, he was too serious during the debates. He needed to portray himself as a "warmmer " leader. I thought Martin held off the wolves pretty good. During his plea for banning guns, I wished one of the other leaders would have asked..."How many Hell's Angels have registered their guns?"

Anyways, Billy I think you've started the makings of another 23 page debate as the Westerners and the Easterners will all disagree with each other just like the other two posts!

…maybe next debate Harper’s handlers should tell him to actually smile, not smirk…that smirk made him look creepy…

he's there to bring up issues that matter to quebecers, so quebecers can hear what the other 3 say about thier issues.

actually watching the debate just might sway the way I vote.......I will say Martin is by far the best speaker of the bunch, man is he slick, I cant stand Layton, he comes across as almost begging you to vote for him and said the same bloody thing over and over and over again, I never new Duceppe and the Bloc were so far left wing, his policies would really appeal to the average guy, he is definitely a loyal Quebecour, Harper probably has the best policies of the bunch, even CBC's analysts confirm that his tax cuts would be benefit the most, not just the rich but right across the spectrum, I liked the way he didnt get upset when confronted, I thought Martin and Duceppe were going to start throwin em:

Harper A
Duceppe B+
Martin B
Layton B-

Maybe. but is that not what the French debate is for.

Personally I thought Layton was reading cue cards and doing a comercial.

....debates give some incite to issues...but barely brush the surface...not enough depth...and I can understand that due to time restraints...I don't think they move the commited voter to any great extent ....but could have an effect on undecided voters.....all debaters made some pretty good points....although I did detect some back-tracking on Harpers part....no clear winner though...

Sportsmen....according to a relative of mine on the coast....the so-called ferry debacle.seems to be entering a new phase....I was told that a feasibility study was done by the new private owners of the ferries (Americans)...and that they had found it would be profitable to operate in B.C. waters with those same ferries the NDP. had built...and make a profit...one has to wonder IS why were they were sold in the first place
by your current govt.....now that would scare the hell out of me... :roll:

The new ferries have a lot of issues.
(1) Fuel
(2) Wash from the boats (hmm, who will pay for the dock damage?)
(3) No Commercial Trucks
(4) Narrow, awkward stairs for the elderly.

Your relative is correct, the private company that bought them is looking at a Service. It will be interesting to compare the costs and services.

...were any of the ferries improved by the new owners ,Sportsmen...and did they address the issues you pointed out.. and.if they intend to run them the same way the Govt. were going to...I still have to ask ...why sell them...when the B.C. govt. could have made improvements to them and apparently... according to a private company ...make a profit......those guys who sold them should be investigated...just my opinion from an outsider... :roll:

Martin shot himself in the foot by what he said about taking out the not withstanding clause. Martin claimed that the hole Same Sex marriage bill would not effect the pastor's, rabbi's etc... right to say that they weren't going to marry a gay couple. If they take this part of the constitution out, then these people sooner or later will be made to marry a gay couple else facing the consiquences of jail time or facing lawsuits. The Liberals have been running on the same platform for the past how ever many years, funding childcares, cutting taxes, etc, but haven't done anything that they have promised. I am not trying to sound racial here, but what Layton said about having more immigrants run for office really didn't sit right with me. That is all we need is Communists or Fascists coming in and changing our government.

Billys good job in the analysis, but I have to disagree with your evaluations. Harper by far and away won the competition and will make a good PM. Meanwhile that soon to be ex PM Martin, stumbled, fumbled and looked tired and desperate. Nothing concrete and no surprise in the Liberal playbook with the only MO being to attempt to discredit my man Harper. Well, it didn't work as we have all seen through the man. Layton came across as a used car salesman, too smooth and would you really buy a "car" or anything from same. Douceppe, language aside was the steady feed of the same nonsense but give him credit he is there battling for what he perceives is the "cause".
Harper and the Conservatives in a majority.

How is an immigrant automatically a Communist or a fascist. You did sound racial, but even more so you sounded ignorant.
I'm sorry to be harsh, but that is such a ridiculous statement. Just because someone is not from Canada, does not mean they don't believe in Democracy. Immigrant could mean anything, it could mean American, British, Iraqi, Indian, Nigerian, the list goes on.
Also I may very well be mistaken, but I thought he said minorities, not immigrants. Regardless, that statement is ignorant.

argotom, I respect your opinion, I just disagree with it. It was really the Smirking that turned me off of Harper on this debate. But we are both looking for different things, so obviously we saw different things.

Tell me Billy where do most of the immigrants that come into our country come from? I really have no problem with people from other countries, as a matter of fact I love learning from these people, but I also know that some can be arrogant. You are right, just because someone is from another country it doesn't mean that they aren't diplomatic, as a matter of fact they are probably more diplomatic then some Canadians. I just felt uneasy knowing how some countries treat their people, and might influence our country.

Some immigrants be arrogant, and some aren't. Some Canadians can be arrogant, and some aren't. I also took your statement to be an uneducated one, greenandwhite.....how about let's close off all the borders and live in our own little utopia where no "outsiders" can ever infiltrate or influence our country.....that sounds like fun.....count me out.....

…Billy, you were a vehement harper hater way before the debates so anything the guy did probably wouldn’t have worked for you…pretty tough to present a commentary report card when the bias-ness runs so deep…

…as for immigration, can’t speak for the eaast but if the western provinces do not realise an influx of skilled workers from anywhere this hot economy will fizzle…the Alberta Construction Association reported yesterday that 100,000 workers will be required in the next five years to maintain the pace of building in this province…about 10% will be indigenous, meaning the rest will be through immigration policies…give us your tired, your wretched, your downtrodden…

That means even more people from Saskatchewan will leave for Alberta unless the NDP finds some solutions for this province (nuclear power plant, grain processing plant, more oilfield production (need more workers for that one)).

I'll probably be one of those people leaving. I like the big cities and after being in Fernie (they've got over a metre of snow there in the last week) I've realized I want to be closer to the mountains.

........I suppose there will always be a fresh crop of young'uns such as yourself roughy that trickle out of Saskatchewan to come to Alberta but there is not the wave of departees there was say seven to five years ago when the economy really began to pick up........this is why proper immigration policies for the next decade will be critical to development in western canada.......