I was just watching the post-game interview with Coach O'Shea who was very pleased with the 'energy' of his O-line allowing Andrew Harris to have the game he did. For the most part, there seems to be a total lack of energy for this O-line and the rest of this team. Time for the Cats to get energized tonight!

There might be a lack of energy. There's also a lack of talent.

Get back to me when this team has an Andrew Harris in our lineup and also a HC that understands and appreciates and realises that MAYBE just MAYBE running the ball more then 5 times a game on a regular basis is the answer to MAYBE , just MAYBE being a successful and winning football team . Unfortunately a gifted player like Harris and his many talents would be totally wasted if he played for this dysfunctional obviously not working pass,pass,pass then pass some more mentality installed offence that this team keeps trying with obvious predictable results.......last 10 games - 0 Wins and 10 losses and counting . Oh well if anything , at least this team is consistent :-[Albert Einstein meet Kent Austin . :cry: