Enemy at the (Beechwood) Gates

No, then it becomes a projectile.


Geez...I can remember smuggling mickey's into IWS down the front of my pants. Ain't NO security guard going to be checking me there!

Of course the fact that I was walking like I just hopped off a 500 mile horseback ride should have twigged with someone but?????

I don't believe that's the reason bottled water is not allowed. Stadium purchased bottles of water or pop could be used just as easily.

It's the sale of $3+ bottled water to a captive audience that the reason.

Hey, if they want to sell water, fine, buy it or not. What I find contemptible is, as I experienced and a few have mentioned, the water fountains in the stadium are turned off. (one near Balsam entrance was off)

THAT, IMO, is inexcusable.

Its still just as easy to do that today.

One thing that strikes me about this situation is that it has all the ingredients for an absolute public relations nightmare of the worst kind.

Over-zealous security + expensive concessions + long line-ups + non-functional fountains + summer heatwave + lots of stairs + lots of old people + hungry reporters always looking to take someone down a notch. All that's missing is one unhealthy, unlucky customer who gets their water confiscated and either refuses to buy more or succumbs to a pre-existing condition in the concessions line-up.

The cost of the bad PR and damage control from such an unfortunate event would easily outweigh all the incremental concessions profits for the year (if not several years) from enforcing the new policies. Furthermore, we all know that in such circumstances management would have no choice to change the policies immediately. Yet apparently, this is considered to be a risk worth taking.

But what do I know, I'm just a football fan.

I'm sorry you had to deal with an bunghole of a security guard, no valued customers should be treated rudely or with attitude. Maybe a 'this time is ok, but not next' would have been sufficient. Maybe a review of policy would have been more appropriate. I don't know how it went, It was you in line, not me. I hope next time is better for you though.

In woody's defence, one time for this type of incident is too many. I always thought the police were backup for the security types (one professional helping out another).

Plus, it's getting fairly expensive to attend the games ($512 for the seats for the season, $120 for parking [HAVE to park nearby - my grandmother has 2 fake knees], 50/50, water, popcorn, hotdogs, etc... = $200 for the season).

Those of us paying our hard-earned dollars (especially those of us travelling in excess of 150 kms )deserve better treatment at the gates.

Well folks, we’ve heard all the arguements. Now it’s time for the Ticat Organization to come forward with some answers.

About 10 years ago I got a case of beer in the game. I just took it in a gym bag and was never checked.
I also gave away most of it to the people sitting around me.
I hold the record in my section with most beer smuggled in

You would think stuff like this would be encouraged. It promotes fan camaraderie and friendliness.

It is this simple...you either buy it or you don't.

Im not poor or anything but I have enough common sense to eat before the game. And if your complaining about the prices 'and Hamilton fans cant afford this' then dont you think you should go to the grocery store and purchase some real food at a cheaper price and eat before the game???

The same people complaining about ticket prices and concession prices are the same people complaining about the 'On The Field Product'.

To have a competing team you need competing prices.

only problem is, the ticats dont raise the prices directly (i'm assuming) they sell the concession rights to a company (compass in this case) they probably get a percentage as well, but the concessions (i would assume) aren't tied directly to the team's ability to pay players.

....I'm getting the feeling everyone with the issues WAS taking something in?

I took nothing in and had NO issues. After noticing the Beer prices and the concession price increases I turned to my wife and said.....looks like we won't be buying much here this year.
In the end it's the Ticat Org that WILL suffer from these gouges....however YOU need to follow the rules and NOT bring anything in....BY A GOOD CITIZEN / FAN instead of being a CHUMP!


Got the feeling HUH? Well get the feeling for this...I didn't start this thread..AND my issue was not particularly with the Ticat organisation or their people...it was with one Hamilton Police Officer who "did his duty" and went after a sobre fan with 2 500ml bottles of water. Hey, I'm not playing the "medical card" or the "expense card" or even the "rights card".

My discussion in the other threads had more to do with "COMMON SENSE"!...or lack of it!

Chumps huh??? well in an effort to make the game-day experience better for all...then the "drunken, foul-mouthed idiots" need to be removed, by the same police! Enjoy a cold beer at the game...but don't lose your sanity!

As as an update...I still have not heard from Chief Mullan...in spite of a second request to comment! :thdn:

Its still not hard to sneak something in, the 'reasonable' search thing is your bags.

They'll never ask you to lift up your shirt or anything so just put it in your pants/coat/shirt (I walked in with a micky of rum in one back pocket and 2 water bottles in the other)

Just be thankful its not Toronto, I went to the game-after labour day game in Toronto and EVERY SINGLE PERSON was being fully patted down by security...at least I was in the line-up with the young lady doing the searches (felt bad for her having to pat down all these drunks)

The kind of stuff people are complaining about happens everywhere. You go to a Jays game, you wont get pat down but your bags will be searched.

I do agree though that its pretty low to turn off the fountains.

could have been worse....

During the Ballard era of the Maple Leafs, he once double booked the Beatles (they were only supposed to play one show, but ended up playing two somehow) AND he then proceded to turn up the heat in the Gardens and got rid of all the "small" cups so only larges were available.