Enemy at the (Beechwood) Gates

…these reports and the many others like them from last Friday would come as no surprise to anyone who’s worked in security or law enforcement. It’s human nature to take the path of least resistance, and this is precisely what is happening. This is why soldiers have officers; when left to their own devices, combat troops frequently just go through the motions, like occurred on the Western Front for much of WW I (it was referred to as the “live and let live? policy by the conscripts in the trenches). The same thing happens at airport security, which is why 80 year-old grandmothers are constantly being checked for shoe bombs.

Picking the easiest, least-likely-to-be-guilty target at a security checkpoint technically fulfills the requirements of one’s job description, and as a bonus avoids nasty confrontations with drunks, belligerents, etc. If we were part-time security guards in Hamilton with little or no benefits making minimum wage or thereabouts, I’m sure we’d do the same thing. Same thing if we were a short cop desperate for an ego boost. But it is a zero-tolerance food policy focusing on sippy cups instead of actual security threats that creates this climate. The exact same thing happened during the Yachetti/Michaluk era when they tried to implement a similar policy on outside food and were forced to give it up in the face of complaints from irate senior citizens who had their purses searched for the first time in the 40 or 50 years that they’ve been coming to the stadium. I can only imagine how enraging that must be.

My personal experience last Friday was the reverse of yours. I walked up to the gate with semi-glassy eyes and what looked to be the world’s largest tumor bulging out from underneath my Ticat jersey. It was so obvious I was committing an infraction that even Jake Ireland couldn’t have missed it. However, the security guard glanced briefly at me, and then moved along, whereupon I heard him say “Ma’am, please open your bag for inspection? to the tiny, unglassy-eyed woman behind me in line. Now, it just so happened that the contraband was a hundred or so forbidden-chant buttons (that were given out gratis and to much acclaim), but it could’ve just as easily been six gallons of whiskey, twelve sandwiches, half a case of beer, etc. Expect this type of security all year if a more reasonable policy is not implemented.

Is there anyone that reads the forums who has any type of legal background and could help us understand the rights of police and/or security personnel as to search and seizure?

I was always lead to believe that police could only search you with your consent, if they place you under arrest or if they have suspicions of weapons or crimes with same. I have no idea what security guards rights vis a vis police are.

Don't really want the exact rule of law, just an idea of what to expect. Thanks

Thanks Bunner…LMAO…Thanks so much for the enlightenment…I feel so much better now that I realise that we served ourselves up to the security and POLICE so it can appear that they are doing their job. :lol:

By the way…still no reply from Chief Mullan…not so much as an" I got your e-mail and I’m going to look into it"! :thdn:

Perhaps next game when I’m having a smoke in the SW corner…I’ll step a few inches over the painted lines, just so the several cops huddling on the sidelines can come over and “TAKE ME DOWN”, handcuff and drag me off to jail! Just so they can look busy! :roll:

That makes for a great picture, cause I’m 6’2" 230# :oops:

ONLY 230# woody? jk…

there ya go if ya dont want to get searched jus wear a hat tilted to the side a bit pull your jeans so they are below your waist and look like your doing somthing stupid lmao :wink:

you could always do what the rest of the jackasses do and just smoke in the stands.good luck finding a CAT person when thats goin on.....

I'm not in any way in the field of law but off the top of my head I would say it's legal to search your stuff as you are, in effect, consenting to the search. Clearly if you refused to be co-operative, they can't force a search on you as it's not their jurisdiction to do so.....but then, in turn, they can legally refuse you entry....

I think it falls under the same idea as airport screeners.....if you refuse to walk through the metal detectors, empty your pockets or have a wand passed over you, you simply don't get any further and won't fly that day...

Well, that's my take on it...like it or lump it! :lol:

Perhaps the police doing security at IWS are the same ones looking after Caledonia.

Police in Caledonia?..Where? :lol: ...The only policing done there is from the citizens themselves....

The actual paid guys in uniform ran like cowards from their duties a while ago...very sad and a huge black mark on the O.P.P.


I digress though as this is a topic for other websites for sure...

You are entering a private facilty, owned and operated by the city. By walking through the gate, you agree to their terms. Most notable would be no re-entry, no outside food or drink, no alcohol/drugs.

I sympathize with you guys, but these rules aren't new, just more visible and vigilant enforcement. We're all better off with it. If it cuts down on the drunks and fighting, it's well worth it.


On the back of your ticket it says...."Holder consents to a reasonable examination of his/her person and effects to ensure compliance."

I agree. Thanks for saying this, David C now I won't get scolded for saying it.

These rules are standard fare. There can't be any grey areas in these policies.

You just have to hope that an individual security person
might use his own discretion to let you pass through the gate

with some food or drink that doesn't compete with what is sold at IWS
like a juice box or a few jelly beans for a small child.

Thanks for your disortation, Ron. I agree with it 99%.
The only thing I would change is the water bottle issue.
Some of us need water for medication. I personally, hate lining up in front of a concession for this or anything else and than being charged $3.25 for 600 ml of water.
Either lower the price for water and sell it at concessions dedicated only to water or make 600 ml legal as it is at The Rogers Centre. Hooking up the fountains that were dismantled for this season would also be a good idea. Do I detect some greed creeping into the Ticat organization?
By the way, I spoke to security guards in the Rogers Center on Sunday afternoon when I watched the Jays lose to the Tigers. They told me that they would NEVER turn away anyone with 600 ml of water or necessities for children.

Ron and DavidC...just to set the record straight...my problem was not with the checking of our bag...it was with the "attitude", and the fact that if they really wanted to be a part of improving the game-day experience...perhaps they might have checked the obvious.

AND..for the record..I went and checked to see exactly what size of water bottles we had..remember we each had one...Sandy and I...500ml.

In another thread...I explained what followed with the purchase of the $3.25 water bottle and the attempt at a coffee between the 3rd and 4th quarter!

It is what it is...a waste of everybody's time and effort...and a little bit of common sense needs to be inserted to the policy...But then again, you can't dictate or legislate common sense!

Nice, forbidden chant buttons! I recall the days we used to give them out to patrons in the clean washrooms at Ivor Wynne.

I also recall smuggling in a full 24 for the East Semi Final in 1993. I gave most of those away to all our friends sitting around us.

Good times.

24 beers x 341 ml = 8.184 litres, which is the equivalent to 17.3 tallboys.

17.3 tallboys, at $8.00 a piece (IWS prices) = $138.40.



Thats an interesting one... if you need water for medication, will they force you to buy it?

"I didnt bring any money"

Thats a good one.

It was 1992.

Never thought of it in financial terms, we were just thirsty as heck, and it was cold out.

People around us said "Everybody liked Jake that day"....(I trust some of us will remember those commercials...LOL)

Whiskey Wee Wee !

I totally agree with everyone and can't stand that they do not allow us to bring water in. But i do think the comments towards the cops are unwaranted. they are taking orders froma higher power and are being quite a lot to carry them out. We all have to do the jobs we where hired for, just to bad the higher ups are screwing th little guys. instead of tiger towels maybe they should give us TIGER WATER

No, then it becomes a projectile.