endzone fumble

Didn't the play that ended up in a td for Calgary seem like a bizarre call considering where the ball was.There was a large chance for disaster.If it was successful there might be at most a couple of yards to be made.On the other hand the receiver was most likely to be tackled for a safety or the pass picked off for a td.The pass was also probably a lateral and if it wasn't caught again an opposition td if thay picked it up.I am assuming the play was sent in from the sidelines.

PaoPao sent it in..along with all those sideline passes :wink: :lol:

All kidding aside...was I the only one who heard the comentators talking about the resemblance to last years play-calling? :thdn:

IS MAAS HURT OR NOT??? If he is...why play him? If he isn't...why play him? Don't give me any c**p about the plays coming in from the sidelines. Sure they have a route to go to but they also have alternates and if Corey Holmes is WIDE OPEN...GO TO HIM!

Playcalling needs improvement...execution needs more...AND we need a LEADER to make the right split-second decisions!

Things we know about this play.

  1. We called a time-out and Maas went to the sidelines before returning to the huddle to call it.

  2. It was a forward pass...not a lateral.

  3. It was not a great throw, but it was caught.

  4. It was fumbled by Brock Ralph, not Maas.

  5. IF Ralphy thought his defender was too close, it happens often where the receiver now becomes the defender and knocks the ball down or breaks up the play. He obviously thought he could make the play.

  6. It cost us 7, instead of the incompletion and following safety (2) on the following play. A net of -5.

A turning point in the game? Who knows?

Will it happen again? Not likely.

My beleif is that they thought getting the ball to the speedy Ralph would have broken free for several yards???

Dumbest play call I have ever seen, especially when you have a bull like Lumsden.

…and imagine if they had gone to a 3 back set where you would have Lumsden breaking through the line, with Radlan and Holmes carrying the ball…for 7+ yards.


Charlse should have challanged the call. It was clearly not a catch. but still a very weird play to call in the end zone, it reminded me of last year when Joe Paopao would call a shovel pass down on the one yard line, which is about the dumbest play you can call on the one.

I thought it was a catch, but I was still surprised he didn't challenge since he had nothing to lose and you never know how these refs are gonna see the replay. I've seen more bizarre overturns than that would have been.

Ralph clearly caught the ball ,high and behind him ,by the time he twisted to face upfield he was hit right on the ball and out it came....,maybe a blocker would have helped on that play....?