Endzone Celebrations

What is your favourite endzone celebration? Mine is Corey Holmes.

Check it out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pH2Yi_M6yz4 it's at 6:00 minutes(close to the end)

mine is a few high fives, then get on with the convert and the rest of the game.

although I did like it when sometime ago, a rams player scored at the end of the half and just kept running right through the endzone into the lockerroom.

Anything original. The stamps do have alot of good ones. I love after getting a big tackle or sack when they are pretending to eat...lol priceless.

Greroy Simon's superman pose is unreal as well.

On an urelated note, Jojuan Armour has got to have the greatest last name for a football player.

I liked the duck duck goose one from winnipeg.

Duck, Duck, Goose is good times!

I've always been particular to the "team photo" or the pictures of the guy who got the TD. Also, in light of FootbalYouBet's opinion, I highly enjoy the hand-the-ball-to-the-lineman-so-he-can-spike-it route... classy!

I like the one where the guy drops the ball and walks away like he's been there before.

That is the best one of all

my favourite. :smiley:

What do you do if you haven’t? :expressionless:

pretend you did

My favourite end zone celebrations are the ones where the scoring player does a quick jig and celebrates with his guys and then leaves the field.

My least favourite are the ones that are clearly orchestrated.

I don't mind the impromptu happy dance as long as it's only for about 3.08 seconds and isn't derogatory. I have no respect for choreographed attention seekers. :thup:

3.08 seconds? How'd you come up with that number? :lol:

I've timed it over the years :thup:

I don't know which one that is

I like any of the ones done by the Stampeders!

i personally enjoy the bombers race-walking celebration.

I'm not gonna lie, first time I saw that I thought they were doing special olympics and I was pretty shocked.