Ending the NFL in Toronto MYTH

ROGERS are already not known for having any brains. Nice article. :thup:

ROGERS got suckered by Mr. Wilson by paying twice the normal BILLS budget for 8 games.
ROGERS thought that Canadians would pay anything to see these games. :lol:
I guess that they forgot the saying ,
" those who don't know their [NFL in T.O.] history are doomed to repeat it "
It is estimated that when all of this is over they would lose over 50 million dollars on this deal.
Mr. WILSON also has said that there will be NO more BILLS games in T.O. after this ends.
What is really pathetic is that the T.O. sports media are just as dumb. :thdn:

What kills me is this is proof we are being gouged by cellphone companies in this country and CRTC does nothing. There is an agency Harper should axe tout de suite.

Actually the CRTC helps the CFL big time because of Canadian content regulations required by the T.V. net works by law , like TSN. It is HARPER who needs to come down on cellphone companies.

HOWEVER , HARPER is a huge CFL fan and is a personal friend of ARGO / B.C. owner DAVID BRAILEY. :rockin:


What is really pathetic is that the T.O. sports media are just as dumb.
Miuch great feedback but this one is off the mark. When there are those vast sums of money like NFL money flowing, there are not nearly as many dumb folks in the media as there are those in on the fix and on the take.

In the US for the media we call them homers.

By contrast many of certain town's local fans, some of whom are homers when you want to put it nicely and whose teams can't do any wrong even when they suck, are the dumbest of the dumb ones as are not those running the show for these mindless zombies. That's most cities with pro sports teams in the US from what I have seen.

ESPN is the most notorious example of homers in the US, as they are always hyping anything out of the New York Metro area under the banner of "national" sports coverage sort of like I am hearing they do on TSN out of Toronto when any of its teams do well.

You can hear and see it in all those giddy media employees on TV when their local team is doing well and it's really annoying, and don't be fooled they are not dumb but on the local take with a bunch of free and tax-free stuff from the local team.

Thought this was one of the better articles written by Steven Simmons about the Rogers Bills experiment:

The Rogers people, experienced in business but not in sport, arrogant to the point of not listening to those who suggested otherswise, instead relied on opinions that told them what they wanted to hear - there was no breaking point price on tickets and that significant in-game sponsorship money would help make their $87-million US investment a winner.

[url=http://www.torontosun.com/sports/columnists/steve_simmons/2010/08/18/15069316.html]http://www.torontosun.com/sports/column ... 69316.html[/url]

Simmons saying something critical about the NFL? So he's a hero, right? But I thought we hated Simmons because he wrote some articles that were critical of the CFL? But he's a hero! But we hate him! But he's a hero! But we hate him! I'm so confused! I don't know who I am anymore!!!!

Hmmm, could be a yin/yang thing Picat. :wink:

He is suggesting that if ROGERS were smarter this would have been a huge success. It is his old trick at back handed insults against the CFL. :thdn: He is no hero and he is not even a true sports writer.

I think if the tickets were priced right ie quite cheap, it would have sold out or close to have sold out quickly, perhaps. There is no question there are many NFL fans in Toronto but I'm not sure there are many who will pay a lot of money and especially at a non-football stadium like the RC and for a team that isn't theirs.

I don't think that there is as many NFL fans in TORONTO as you think. How about in Hamilton?

People watching football on T.V. for free doesn't make you a fan. FANS are the people who pay for tickets and go to games.

There have been OTHER NFL games in Toronto that bombed before this BILLS series. Read this thread from the beginning for some other examples.

The NFL COMMISH just said today that they have NO plans to expand any time soon. :rockin:

This was a masterstroke by Wilson's handlers. Rogers helped him from losing money till he got his stadium renovations and at the same time prove Toronto is a very risky market for the NFL killing the any chance that he would have another team in his market. One of the great business moves in modern sports. Alan Eagleson couldn't have done any better.

A VERY SMART MOVE ON HIS PART and ROGERS may even do it again for another 5 years. :lol: :lol:

Check out another article in the HAMILTON TI-CAT Forum written by KELLY from The Toronto Star.

It is in the tread called ,


It is just great! :rockin: :lol:

You mean this beaut.... http://www.thestar.com/sports/article/1 ... ronto?bn=1

Wilson said this is it. no more...

:lol: :lol: :lol: OH , I DO LIKE YOU :thup: :thup: :thup:

Wilson stated that?
Am quite surprised as I had assumed he would continue to pillage until the Rogers well ran dry. :stuck_out_tongue:

So this guy gets to post whatever he wants but my thread was deleted. Just like ArgoT, you are a argo fan not a Toronto fan. Move. And you type like a 14 year old girl with all your similes

Who is going to spend a billion dollars on a new stadium, because that is really all that is standing in MLSE's way of an NFL franchise.

Have you seen the hype for this game on Canadian TV?
Every Canadian channel, from CTV to TSN to OLN to City TV and beyond has Super Bowl stories.

They are pumping this American game like it somehow involves us.
Grey Cup didn't get one third of the promo this game is getting

And of course no Canadian NHL team is playing Sunday night when the Super Bowl is on.
Meanwhile the Grey Cup had three Canadian NHL teams playing that night.
Is that Cohon's failure or the NHL not caring?

Either way I just don't get the hype for this Super Bowl in Canada?
Are we that much of an American colony?

And seeing how the Americans are now actively trying to steal back jobs from Canada,
ie Electro Motive, Ford St Thomas, I don't get how people up here can love those people down there so much?

So are you interested in me now? :lol: :lol:

I was born and raised in Toronto.
Please don't shoot the messengers. I know that bad news always hurts.

All of the stations that you have mentioned are owned by BELL , which owns TSN as well as SPACE , ect...
I remember all of those same T.V. stations having the same amount of commercials for the GREY CUP.
You should be mad at some Canadian businesses for supporting American jobs by trying to kill our own jobs here.
Supporting the NFL in the U.S. does nothing for Canadian jobs in ALL of CANADA :thdn: