end zone railing

My family and I were loving the size of the crowd and the noise that the endzone was bringing. What we really don't love....going on 3 years now... is the fact that neither the security guards, the C.A.T. team nor THE POLICE OFFICERS, clear people from standing at the railings. People around me, including someone in my family, wore beers throughout the evening as drunk fans leaned over top of us and dropped or spilled their cans of beer. When asked by a fan to do something, a police officer laughed and said "we're not here for that". My question is two-fold: #1 who is here for that? and #2 why can't people just sit in their damn seats? Our family has had season tickets in the same area for over 20 years. Both security and the police used to do a great job keeping the railing clear however that stopped being a priority 3 years ago. I shouldn't have to stand up on my seat to keep people from standing over top of me. I also don't accept "change your seats" as a solution.

I hear your frustrations, Lita. This is not something that you should have to tolerate no matter the location in the stadium.

I would suggest that you send your remarks directly to the Tiger cat football club, maybe even to Scott Mitchell.

And in the future, should this happen again, get the names of any officers or security staff that fail to offer assistance when asked and make sure they are known to the organization.

You're a paying customer and deserve to be treated with respect by EVERYONE they hire.


I just might need one of those CaptainKirk!

I am turning to the Ticat nation for assistance with this issue. I took your advice a few weeks ago and emailed my concerns to customer service. I have yet to hear anything from them. Does anyone have an email address for anyone higher up in the organization? Saturday night is fast approaching and I really don't want to be lugging a big umbrella with me :wink: Thanks for your input.

Why not send a PM to bob? You can't go any higher.

Just click on the "Members" tab (just to the left of your "username" and the word "Logout" - not quite the top right corner of this page). This will bring you to a page where you can search for him. Click on the words "Find a Member" on the upper left portion of the page. On this next page type "Caretaker" in the User Name field and then click on search. On the next page click on the word "Caretaker". This will take you to a page where you can PM him. I hope this works for you and that you're able to enjoy the end zone action in future games.


If you contacted Customer service and failed to get a response, then call the administrative office and either get the mailing or email address for Scott Mitchell and send your concerns to him.

Here is their phone number:

905-547-CATS (2287)

Or you can email them:


Good luck.

Thanks for the advice! I did email the info@ticats.ca account yesterday and was happy to see a reply this morning. Hopefully this will get addressed in time for this weekend's game and we can stay dry while cheering on our Cats to a beat down of the Blue team!! (Dry as long as the weather co-operates, lol!)

Go Cats Go

Email the Caretaker rite here on Tiger-Cats chat

lol :thup: - your at a football game, suck it up, if you dont like it watch it on tv. sheesh we ticat fans sure find ANTHING to bicker about.

Actually it's a valid safety concern, the area behind the railing is supposed to be kept clear just the same as the walkways in front of the sections of the north and south stands. They should have been told to go to their seats and if they refused security should have acted.

Thanks for listening Head Office....finally the police earned their keep in the endzone. All game the two officers who were in our area of the endzone asked people if they needed help finding their seats, and encouraged them to go sit down. They repeatedly told spectators that they could not stand along the rail. It was actually funny because we heard one officer say "Holy crap is it always this bad?!?"
Hopefully they keep it up this weekend and people will finally realize that there are no standing room only tickets in the end zone.
Thanks to all of you guys for your posts, even the ones telling me to stay home and watch it from my couch!

Good to hear Lita.....