End-zone "choreography"

I don't know how you feel about this one, and I didn't check out former posts on this subject, but I, for one, am no fan of "end zone choreography". You know what I mean - the "dance routine" that ensues a touchdown. I much prefer the Ben Cahoon approach, a high-5 or two, and then just return to the bench and accept cograts from your teammates.

On the same subject, I don't think that cameramen should go up to players who just made a big play or scored a touchdown to allow the player to continue his yammering into the camera with comments like "we're number one", "nobody's gonna stop us now, baby", "we're the best".... In my mind, all of this is taunting and unprofessional. Further, it's precisely the kind of thing that can come back to haunt you. Instead of firing up your own team, it may be just what the opposition needs to instill fire in their eyes. By all means, players should get fired up after a big play, but they should keep that among themselves on the sidelines or in the locker room.

I believe that the league should not only discourage this behaviour, but a flag should be thrown for taunting. Keep the jubilation at an acceptable level.

What say you?

What are we, the NFL? :wink: End-zone celebrations are fine in my book. I want to see human beings, not robots.

The league already assesses penalties for celebrations that go on too long, and that's as it should be. For the rest, let 'em have fun.

The rehearsed ones are as tacky as skinny jeans on a fat chick but things like the fishing boat in Winnipeg (first one) usually have me almost pissing myself laughing.

Another one that always has me laughing is Jamal, he likes to jump in the stands

Nothing wrong with Ben's way of going about business either 8)

I always thought of the endzone celebrations as putting on a show for the fans. So, that being said, I can’t help but feel that it’s OK when the home team does it (as long as it isn’t excessive), but a slap in the face to the home town fans when the visitors do it. Weird huh? :?

I don't know how many posters will remember this guy, but we had a running back for a part of a season once back in the 70s, name of Horace Belton. He had quite a unique "celebration" when he scored a TD. Once he was in the end zone, he placed (not dropped, not threw, no spike) but carefully placed, the ball on the ground, and then walked back to the sidelines. He was a good running back, don't recall whatever became of him. . .

Ban it
Its childish and unsportsmanlike.

You can get a taunting penailty for spiking the ball, but this stuff is ok?

I never liked it and never will

Your just grumpy... good thing we weren't at summer camp together. I'd have cut your socks :slight_smile: :lol:

I rather you cutting the socks than cutting the cheese

I’ve seen some pretty funny end zone choreography. Paris Jackson[B.C. Lions] galloping like he’s riding a horse after scoring against Calgary. This is in response to Calgary’s way of celebrating by having a horse and rider gallop past the fans after every TD.

Saskatchewan came out with a great one too. [I think it was Sask]. After the TD, several players ran to the end zone orange corner marker, sat down one behind the other and looked like they are paddling in a canoe. It was hillarious.

I don’t mind the choreography [Printer’s little stint after scoring his TD in Hamilton during the semi for example] The guys are having fun.

What I don’t like is when a player jumps up into the stands to celebrate. It’s a team effort. The guys who sprung him loose don’t get to do that. The QB who threw the pass doesn’t. Tossing a ball up into the stands is okay or giving a thumbs up to the fans is fine too.

I agree about the cameraman thing. But in fairness to the players I think the players say what they say because they don’t know what else to say when a camera is being shoved in their face. What would the rest of us say? It would be nice to hear them say something about their fans though. " We love you Montreal" or if it’s the opposition, something similar. I guess the question is, do the players mind or do they enjoy having the spot light on them- even if it is for just a few seconds.

I just hope with all of the showboating and trash talks stuff that goes on before the game that the CFL doesn’t take on a WWF mentality that we see with the professional wrestlers. That would really do harm to the organization. There is being hyped up and there is being plain stupid.

My concern about the cameraman thing is precisely that - it may turn into some form of artificial thing like the WWF. Football is an exciting game as it is; it does not require unneccesary histrionics.

Its childish and unsportsmanlike!

I like the way Cahoon "celebrates". He makes an unbelieving catch, he simlpy gets up takes the ball and throw it to the ref. He does it like the catch was easy. It has a better impact on other team's defensive corps.

I could not agree with you more.