End zone celebrations

Is it just me or does it seem like Burris has been making a point to get to the bench right away after a Stamps TD as to not be implicated in the celebrations afterwards? Did Burris used to partake in the festivities, or has it always been more of a copeland/lewis thing?

Can't say i ever really pay attention to what Burris is doing after the play but i have never seen him run down and join in. Most QBs just give a fist pump and run off the field.

.....it's just the receivers that get into it.....I know Burris did one once at the beginning of the season but then I think Tom asked Henry to not do so and get back to the bench asap to talk about strategy.....

[quote="RedandWhite"].....itwhy are these idiotic rehearsed/choreogr-aphed celebrations permitted in the first place? You never saw the Herm Harrison's, Peter Liskes, Don Luzzis, Jerry Keeling's pull these childish stunts. Mind you, they were real football players. Impromptu high 5's, hand-shakes, pats on the butt are fine - but this other childish crap has to go, before the League brings in rules to stop it. On the other hand...

Let them dance, it's September.
Don't matter how stupid and childish it looks. If they dance in November, it means something.

help me understand how these inane, childish celebrations add to the game. How does 4 grown men sitting on their butts, leaning left and right, imitating a bobsleigh run contribute to the game?

Help me understand how your constant complaining is resolving any problems, as you see them.

....help me understand how it takes away from the game?....how does it lessen the game?.....

....I have coached sports before and while I do not profess to be at the same level of HIggins there is one things that we both know....that is what ever it takes to build team chemistry, to allow your players to relate with each other and bond, you let it happen, but only if it is not detrimental to the team's performance.....so far I can't see how any of the TD celebrations take-away form the team's performance, so my 'coaching opinion' is you let it continue as it is clearly important to the players involved and is a motivational tool for them.....

Do you ever worry that the celebrations help the other team get motivated as well?

Maybe they do, maybe they don't. Bottom line is, this is how these particular players get revved up. If you force them to be quiet, they play like ass. When we were losing, it was while Copeland and Lewis were trying to be "Higginsish".. no yapping, no celebrating.. and no catches and no TD's. They've since said that they need this stuff to play to the best of their ability.. and I think most fans enjoy it anyway.. unless they happen to be on the recieving end of it at that moment.

It adds hype and excitement. When your team wins a big game… do you not jump up in your seat and celebrate? Dance even? I know I do… and most of the fans around me do. It isn’t often at the end of an exciting game, or after a big score, that I look around and see one of the fans just sitting there giving a respectful golf clap. So why shouldn’t the players do it too? They lead by example… be excited, have fun! That’s how it adds to the game. Now try to tell me how you think it detracts from the game… and we’ll have an actual debate, instead of just moaning and groaning.

hype and excitement? You're joking, right? They want to dance and act stupid - do it on the sideline - not on the field of play. Somebody else had a great idea - make it a 15 yarder if it's an orchestrated celebration. I have no problem with spontaneous congrats - but this other stuff has to go. I'm no big fan of the NFL, but in none of the games I watched last Sunday did I see one idiotic celebration. And arjoel - you have your opinion, I have mine.

....you didn't see any organized TD celebrations in the NFL last weekend because the No Fun League made them illegal, penalty to be assessed on the kickoff.....

The NFL banned "choreographed" TD celebrations because they were getting out of hand and "stupid". The Stamps have now exceded Winnipeg in the "Stupidity" category. Even Tom Higgins has said that the league should crack down on these celebrations. It would appear that he has no control over his players.

......you forgot to say in your opinion.......

In My HUMBLE Opinion

In this post I have learned much about your knowledge of the game of football and celebrations. You did say you are not a big fan of the NFL and you have not seen this happen down there! Did you know this type of celebration nets them a fine and a suspension. I thought so! But you do realize this is the No Fun League right! I also figured you to be one of those low lying eskie fans that come on only after a win because this year I believe you have not been on much. Now a smart man would say to himself if I do not like how they celebrate just maybe I won't watch it! Yup there you are front row and center enjoying watching this show of celebration. I guess then we should be just emotionless after scoring now would that not be so much fun. But you know I can see how that could be fun in your stadium after all there has not been that much excitment this year. You should be happy the Stamps let your team win this past weekend. It gives your losers a chance to make the playoffs. Oh dam we have to do you another favor this weekend thats right we need to knock of the Bombers to keep the door open for your team. You see I learned lots from your post!

First remember again the NFL has taken the fun out of their game and besides this is another topic and another league. Read my post to your posting buddy above. Higgens is the coach he does not like it but he has stated as long as it gets results that all that counts.

redwhite - you jumped to more conclusions regarding my post than O'J's jury. Hopefully you don't have to speculate too much in your employment - you'd starve to death. An Edmonton fan? Surely you jest. I was going to Stamps games in Mewata Stadium long before you took your first breath on this planet. You likely have no clue what or where Mewata is. You missed the boat big time on this one Sparky!!

I'll help you Redandwhite, Mewata used to be in the same place that you play with your skateboard now.