End zone celebrations curtailed in the NFL

Well, they don't want too much celebrating I guess. This could be difficult to enforce though. I don't know if dancing is still allowed or not. But then, what exactly is the definition of a dance? Or slowing down the game for that matter.
Article in the Detroit Free Press:

[url=http://www.freep.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20060330/SPORTS11/603300519/1059]http://www.freep.com/apps/pbcs.dll/arti ... 00519/1059[/url]

i hope copeland and the other CFL boys take endzone celebrations to a new level this year...give the fans what they want!

Absolutely dg! This is not the No Fun League.

I don't know, they should be aloud to celebate, but not take it too far, like TO did in the East Final.

I don't mind them skiping the ball, etc. but dancing and stuff is dumb.

I actually agree with the NFL on this one. I hate hot dogging in the end zone. I would love to see the refs put the ball down, blow time in and then penalize for delay of game.

they say they can do dances and leap into the crowd but they can't celebrate in group's and the ref tells them when a celebration is too long and they will be given a warning then if he still does it they throw the delay of game penalty

And the foul is ,ore severe in the NFL...15 yards CFL is only 10.

who cares?!

dancing is for girls.


I agree with Sportsman.
Ban it in the CFL as well. I think it is incredibly childish.

Well, I guess they will have to ban it also in the CFL otherwise the CFL naysayers will say it's childish, mickey mouse and bush league.

then hockey should ban celebrations after scoring goals....no more fist pumping, or group high-fiving, or riding the hockeystick-horse, diving across the ice, jagr-salutes, ovechkin skating fist-pumps.....

or baseball should ban the homerun hops, and team celebrations at homeplate after the homer.

basketball should ban any dunk that is 'flashy'...nomore 360 jams, or reverse slams.

jeez...celebrations are fun....i look foward to every copeland TD, just to see what hes got planned.

Its not quite the same thing DG.
Its one thing to High 5 and completely another to run choreographed rehearsed dances. Do you really think it was fun to watch Stokes pull a magazine out of the padding or the NFL guy pull out a cell phone and call his mother? I think that Ben Cahoon is one of the classiest guys in the CFL because when he scores he just flips the ball over his shoulder and head back to the huddle. I prefer that to someone pretending to be an eel in a blender!

i dont watch the NFL, so i wouldnt know about thier dances...

but if it wasnt for the dancing guys, how would u beable to say whos classy?...if noone dances at all, then how can we say cahoon is classy cuz he doesnt dance?.

i like to see the dancing guys cuz its funny...nice to have a mix of dancing guys and guys who do nothing....something for everyone.

people who dont want TD celebrations are the same guys who dont want fighting in hockey.

Wrong there, dgod.....I love fights in hockey.....absolutely hate the dancing in the endzone.....it's classless.....

but your not a guy...lol

I agree ro. At the end of the ballet you don't see the company tossing a football around on stage ... not that I go to the ballet of course.

It's going a little far though when guys go into the crowd to get popcorn, or pull out a sharpie and sign a touchdown ball, or in David Sanchez's case Milt Stegall's touchdown ball.

the more extreme the better.

i like to see the players personalities come out....its fun when they are having fun.

Sorry its not personalities. Its hotdogging plain and simple!
I prefer to satch a class act than a showboat!

Different ways. Does he throw late hits or take cheap penalties? How does he act outside the football game, does he support charities? Is he well liked by his teammates? Does he complain to the media a lot? Is he a team player or out for himself? All of these are good indicators of character and classiness.

Also I don’t need to know what pinball did in the endzone to know he is a class act all the way.